Are any of the Guardian elite skills worth it?

#1PhantasmplusPosted 1/5/2013 9:23:20 AM
I'm trying to get a skill setup that feels right, so far I'm going 2 hander for smashing face and sword and board if I need to be more tanky if the situation calls for it, but for healing, utility and the elite skills, what skills should I stay away from? I'm level 31 at the moment so I'm still new and I've heard people who use Signets are bad apparently? I've been running Healing Breeze, Signet of Bane and Signet of Mercy. I figure more power and a knockdown is nice as well as instantly reviving an ally is pretty good too and for my other utility I've been using Judge's Intervention to break stuns and such. For my elite skill I chose Reaper of Grenth but it really hasn't been that... good. So I leak oil and do 10 damage to everyone around me, big whoop. It's not really that fantastic.

So I was wondering which elite skill for Guardians is actually worth it if any?
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#2NicoGrimmPosted 1/5/2013 9:36:44 AM(edited)
Renewed Focus gives you 3 seconds of invincibility, and recharges all of your virtues.

The 2 book skills just don't seem worth taking over something as simple as Renewed Focus, imo.

Also, Signets aren't bad. Nothign but signets, on the other hand is.
Signet of mercy is our best PvE heal imo, and Signet of Judgement is a really good 10% damage reduction passive.
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I can only quote that.

2 things to add.
Renewed Focus can be used while moving, and it's very effective while you have aggro to "tank", or in WvW/PvP to just charge into the enemy formation.

All-signet builds are bad because they're "selfish", the passive bonus from signets becoming too good to give up, so people never use them actively. It's mostly true for warriors due to a certain trait, but applies to all classes.
As long as you actively use signets when needed, and use other skills who might help the party more, it's all good.
#4koroko_korobasePosted 1/5/2013 9:52:11 AM
Focus is the most effective when taking account of versatility. You can use it anywhere, 90 second cooldown, and keeps you alive longer. With the right traits (which you only need 5 points to get this to be fantastically effective), you can make this skill a powerful component to any build.

The two Tomes are what you expect from an elite. Powerful spells that will either heal you and your party or deal extreme damage to the enemy. However, I consider them to be too conditional. They're great for those tough situations, but only then really. And you can only use them on land, so that kind of screws you when you're swimming with the turtles.

As for signets, you should be using Healing Signet. The healing from Healing Breeze for party members does not make it very worth it, plus I had terrible accuracy whenever I tried to use it to heal my team members. For other signets, Signet of Mercy is fantastic when you're in a group healing build. It really raises the bar at that point. The active is also nice when you need it, but your healing takes a dive, so you have to decide who takes priority. The lone member, or the group.
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#5MechangmenowPosted 1/5/2013 10:51:47 AM
healing breeze is worthless unless your team is coordinated, go with the signet as it removes conditions and heals a good amount.

In dungeons, the support tome can be amazing. You get a spammable heal, free buffs, aoe interrupt AND you get a full heal. It's amazing in dungeons, although the range of the full heal is a bit limited.

The offensive tome is fun to use as it applies mass burning, but it's really a poor man's Time Warp (mesmer elite). You can apply quickness to teammates for about 3 seconds.
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#6NicoGrimmPosted 1/5/2013 11:04:54 AM
The support tome also has a full heal (is it still a full heal, or was it nerfed?), but the cast time is crazy long and you're completely vulnerable while casting it.
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#7JebSkatr2Posted 1/5/2013 3:22:10 PM
Renewed focus, has a pretty short CD and is useful in groups as you can buff everyone with virtues and then have them back up right away.
#8DraconisRexPosted 1/5/2013 3:54:37 PM
Yes, but there are caveats.

The Tomes, while powerful, are cumbersome to get used to as you really don't use them much due to the high cooldown and relative lack of appropriate conditions to maximize their use. In fact, I really think the Tomes are only solid in dungeons as they are (obviously) really built for a party of 5. Buff 5 people. Heal 5 people. Damage 5 enemies...

So, in dungeons, they're great. Just fantastic. Once you get used to them and aren't spending 10 seconds of your 20 seconds trying to figure out which spell it was you wanted to cast again...

Renewed Focus is pretty good all the time. You get a short invulnerability, plus you recharge your virtues and you (I hope) have put some points into buffing up your virtues. This allows you to heal-up, recharge and start putting some more hurt on your opponent whether it's sPvP, or surviving a WvW mistake or a DE...

Mostly though I use this in big-boss DEs/Dragons/World Events where if you become the focus of the boss, you're going to get crushed hard.

The best part is, you don't have to use them. Any decision you make isn't going to wreck your build as you have options, such as your racials. In open-world solo PvE I use the Hounds of Balthazar more than anything else. I rarely get into HP trouble (because of my build) and they're great for adding DPS against the tougher bosses that take a lot of time to kill.
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#9darkace77450Posted 1/5/2013 4:28:21 PM
DraconisRex posted...
In open-world solo PvE I use the Hounds of Balthazar more than anything else. I rarely get into HP trouble (because of my build) and they're great for adding DPS against the tougher bosses that take a lot of time to kill.

This is probably overly presumptuous of me, but it sounds like you nay need to shift some of your defense to offense.
#10CruxisInhibitorPosted 1/5/2013 9:33:36 PM
My main is a Guardian.

Seeing as the only trait that really compliments the book elites is the one that extends duration, it leads me to believe that someone came up with the concept for these two elites very early in the design process and they are meant to be more for flash and flavor than functionality in the combat system. They just aren't powerful enough to merit a slot.To me, they are a lot like the Fire Axe / Earth Shield conjure. They are like impractical depth injections into the combat system that don't really fit in with fleshed out builds. They just aren't designed well for the nature of the combat system. They are trying to make the combat a casual backdrop to the rest of the game and it's not working. I see these skills as basically worthless flavor bits and failed concepts from the dev team. They don't last long enough to be a game changer, not many traits support them, and they feel like counter-productive wild-cards.
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