Anyone willling to help a noob get on his feet?

#1iron_lion_exePosted 2/3/2013 1:07:40 PM
Anyone willling to help a noob get on his feet?
Thx for taking a lookAs title says im new to the game and struggling. By help, I dont mean handouts, I mean I need someone to part up with to help me through quests. Preferably someone low lvl like me but I aint gonna turn down any help. I'm a lvl 2 char engineer using a rifle looking to go firarms/inventions/tools, tho im completely willing to listen to any advice on traits.

Spefically im on th 'best laid plans' quest in the black citadel, which appears to be an engineer story quest. Getting a bit discouraged. Any help, even just advice would be really appreciated. Thx in advance. Character name is sable savageyes.

Also, not trying to blogfaqs here but I think I should inform whoever is interested in grouping with me what theyre working with. I suffered a stroke this past thanksgiving and have not regained us of my left hand yet, so I am using a rather awkward one-hand playing style. So if im ever moving or attacking stupidly or otherwise acting the fool that may be why. Also this is the reason for my typos. My one handed typing is not great yet.

Thx again fellas appreciate anything yoall can do for easy.
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It'll help a lot to branch away from the main quest and do a few heart quests or dynamic events to gain a level or two. Some of the early main quest lines can be impossible if you're even 1 level below the recommended level (the number displayed beside the quest at the corner of the screen).

Dodging is a pretty important aspect of the game, as well. Most important enemies have extremely damaging, or even deadly, charged attacks that you'll need to roll away from.

Picking up a gaming mouse with customizable buttons might help interact with the game, too. You can map these buttons to skills and attacks, but might be better off mapping them to movement directions and jumping - things that otherwise can't be mouse-clicked. Some are crazy expensive, but mouses with 2-4 additional buttons are about as cheap as regular ones.

Oh, and enemies with a metallic (bronze, silver, gold w/swords) relief around their portrait are stronger and more dangerous than normal enemies.
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