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4 years ago#1
Ok, I just picked up a copy of GW2 for my g/f and I. So far we're both really enjoying it, or at least we were. Now we're having a really bad problem.

Both of our games keep crashing.

She uses Win7, and I use WinXP. Now what happens to us is mostly the same, but slightly different. I'll start with me.

This just started happening today. I was able to play all day yesterday perfectly fine. Nothing could be better. But now, after a few moments of playing, my monitor will shut off. It just goes black, and keeps switching from Digital to Analog mode. The music in the game keeps playing, but when I press keys, nothing happens. I can't get any of my abilities to make sound, ctrl+alt+del does nothing, alt+tab nothing, the only thing I can do is restart my computer.

I have upgraded drivers, my fans are working, my temps are good. I can play any other game without this problem. Once, I did get the black screen crash where the music keeps repeating one soundbyte over and over, making your head want to explode. But the rest are the weird crash.

My g/f is having similar crashes. Most of hers are where her monitor shuts off, and does what it does to me. But she's oddly enough had a lot more of the hard crash, where the sound repeats over and over. She's completely updated as well.

Now when I tried googling this, I keep getting tons of threads on the GW2 site talking about these problems, with a few things to try. We tried them all. So far, none of what they say works.

So I'm here to ask if anyone else has had these problems, and if you have, were you able to fix them?? Because we're really enjoying the game, but we're seriously considering getting a refund.

As fun as it is, it's not worth going through this much trouble to play. :( Especially with the dmg to our GPU's with each crash.
4 years ago#2
I have had this issue as well, I haven't come across any fixes. Not sure if my computer is just overheating (90+ degrees Celsius is the norm when a ton of stuff starts to happen) or if there is some other issue.
Fear is only what you feel.
4 years ago#3
I'm pretty certain it's got to be something else. We can play all kinds of games with high to max settings, without suffering the same situation. DC Universe comes to mind. She plays Skyrim with high settings, and we can both co-op Saints Row 3.

Don't get me wrong, Guild Wars 2 is a pretty game, with lots of things on-screen at once. But I've played other games that are just as pretty, such as Aion, without the same problem.
4 years ago#4
Soumds like an overheating gpu.
GT: imaydei
4 years ago#5
Can you go into your graphics settings and underclock your GPU? I have a GTX 500 series card, and I have to underclock it a bit in order to avoid texture problems and crashes. That may be your problem.
4 years ago#6
I appreciate the feedback, Mayde, but it's not the temps. That's why I wrote above the temps were good, hoping to avoid that response.

As for underclocking the GPU, I did read that fix on the forums, but that's not an option I want to mess with. I'm decent with PC's, but not an expert, and I don't feel comfortable with that option. Besides, from what I've read all over the forums with this issue, that hasn't fixed anyone's problem.

Well that sucks. From what I gather, not everyone is having the issue, but enough people are having it, and have been having it, for the past 5 months, with no solutions. Sure, ideas, but none of them work.

I appreciate the replies, everyone. :) I'm gonna go dig through the GW2 forums for a bit more, then probably ask for a refund.
4 years ago#7
Or record and post an error log
GT: imaydei
4 years ago#8
How would I go about getting an error log?? Because when the game crashes, the monitor wigs out, I get no picture, and it just switches modes. Also, the PC still plays the music, but nothing else happens. It requires a manual shut down/reset to correct the issue.

Where can I retrieve the error log?
4 years ago#9
Event viewer should tell you. Check out my link above
GT: imaydei
4 years ago#10
Ok, I'm using WinXP, so I had to play around and find out how to get that info. So when looking at the log, this is the reoccurring theme I keep reading throughout the error logs.

The ScRegSetValueExW call failed for FailureActions with the following error:
Access is denied.
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