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So is the listed server population the total or current? (Archived)Askeladd210/8/2012
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Anyone miss combining two classes from gw1? (Archived)
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can we get the 50% boost from cooking? (Archived)kingfencer210/8/2012
Jonathan Sharp on the (Near) Future of Guild Wars 2 PvP (Archived)
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Wish I could have a Raptor for my Ranger pet... (Archived)Blond_Justice610/8/2012
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How do you guys make your gold? (Archived)
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Abyss dye goes for 6g on my server. (Archived)
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how long are dungeons? (Archived)bobo16510/8/2012
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Playing with people from EU server on US server (Archived)CelestialWyrm110/8/2012
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What niche does the necro's staff fill? (Archived)Omnipotent_Cow310/8/2012
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So Elementalists got nerfed and Guardians got buffed? (Archived)
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