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What server to pick? (Archived)Keynomaru94/14 4:39PM
An Ele, A Warrior, A Eng.... Best composition build? (Archived)jackg211354/14 3:04PM
New to GW, should I? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
jackg2113194/14 2:04PM
Scarlet's armor back on sale. (Archived)Earthshaker34/14 12:12AM
Aussies... Sea Of Sorrows Full, what server to join? (Archived)jackg211354/13 9:38AM
They said my account was terminated? (Archived)sampama22664/6 3:59PM
Sepia colored screen (Archived)jokrayz64/4 7:51AM
Trying for the Enchanted Map Pieces is suffering. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Earthshaker223/31 7:53PM
GW2 endgame content? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Dirk85UK113/31 7:50AM
Is there anyway to upgrade the normal edition of GW2 to the deluxe edition? (Archived)Dirk85UK33/29 12:03PM
Which race/gender for a cool looking Elementalist? (Archived)Omegaforce72563/29 7:51AM
Blog post: New precursor weapon system (Archived)EternalNether73/26 3:20PM
Beta Stress Test (Archived)jokrayz63/25 4:55AM
Angry Joe interviews Colin Johanson about the upcoming Heart of Thorns expansion (Archived)Rad_Dudesman103/24 10:02PM
At what time does a new day start? (Archived)blueking43/23 3:51PM
Can't log into game. (Archived)Jemcrystal13/23 3:07AM
I quit, I just can't believe it (Archived)RedScarIet43/22 10:18PM
Godly all brute dmg set? (Archived)LazyChubz83/22 2:05PM
Chances of sab coming in April? (Archived)anubisbahamut53/21 9:23PM
How often does this game go on sale? (Archived)Fenrir42343/19 5:38PM
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