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6 years ago#1
I just wanted to say this game is surprisingly original and satisfying, and it's a shame it hasn't gotten more attention. I'm near the end playing as a Soul Mage on normal difficulty, and each time I sit down to play I'm impressed by the beauty and subtlety of the spell animations and effects. This game really does make me feel like a badass wizard, probably moreso than any other game with magic-using characters. So seeing as how this board hasn't had any activity for almost a year, I wanted to freshly proclaim Avencast's greatness.

Also - I've read many people say the soul magic path makes the game too difficult. Not true! It's much more satisfying than blood, and the spells look much cooler. I had to turn the difficulty to easy only once, and that was only for one room of monsters. The trick is to always have a summoned pet out - I went obelisk, flies, then seahorse. And mix in some blood, it feels good every now and then!

6 years ago#2
Is this a 3rd person WASD controlled game, or point and click to move like titan quest?
6 years ago#3
Read the FAQ, WASD, oh well...
6 years ago#4
Just bought a copy at best buy, $10. (Well, it was $10 before my discount. *g*)

Not a bad price for a game that scored 78% from pc so far.

I love Titan Quest (can't wait for Grim Dawn), but I also enjoy it when games throw a little more at me than click-til-it-dies gameplay. I also like games that have magic that is bad ass, so hoping I'll enjoy this as much as it sounds like. :)
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