Mario vs Sonic Who is Better?

#1The_RaterPosted 1/8/2011 4:39:22 PM

To be honest now i was a Sonic fan for most of my childhood but been dissapointed withSonic games recentlyand decided to understand on both sides of which character does better in general.When both games started off, i preferred mario over sonic because the retro gameplay and difficultly was amazing but sonic still did a good job making a game based off speed. Only thing is that music was great but it was no challenge at all. I still believe that some people have not completed those retro titles on old NES for mario. Moving on to the near 2000 and I think Sonic had the upperhand over mario on this part. Everything in retro mariowas all brought in super mario 64 with a chance of 3D. Storyline was the same, same characters as always and same platforming concept. When Sonic Adventure was introduced if felt so different compared to retro sonic but way better. Better storyline, 3 more addictional characters, faster speed value, raised up 3D textures from Sonic Jam. It was all looking good for sonic but until they decided to make Sonic games back the original it goteven worse. I still know that mario has the same formula but it normally works out for them because the gameplay hours is decent and difficulty ischallenging at times for casual gamers and still they bring out successful games, even great party games. When I have seen the recent Sonic games- Sonic 4,Sonic Colours and Sonic Free Riders!? C'mon why does Sonic need a board or how come Sonic 4 dont feel like a sequel at all. Why did they reduce the characters down to just 1 person again and still the difficulty of these games are easy to complete. If feels to me when Sonic is trying to match mario up to just basic material of a plaformer, mario would win hands down. When a suddenly change of the Sonic universe was expanding, then only Sonic was interesting to play and have more fun than on mario games. Hopefully Sonic's formula changes with a twist this year but i doubt it and keep up with the long rewarding mario platforming titles. Once I see Sonic Adventure 3 then I can believe in Sonic again.

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