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7 years ago#1
I've been playing this game for awhile, and looking for something new. I'd rather the mods be more of a realistic addon (maybe useful units or something) rather than a silly one like fighting off aliens or something. Is there a universally viewed great mod?
7 years ago#2
I'd suggest Rhye's and Fall of Civilization.
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7 years ago#3
100% rhyes and fall of civiliation, that gets my vote for best mod for any game ever made.
7 years ago#4
Rise of Mankind is a really good one in my opinion..

here's a partial list of what it adds.
* 242 Techs in tech tree
* 300+ Units
* 189 Buildings
* 88 Wonders
* 36 National wonders
* 54 Civic options
* 26 Unit categories, modern units are superior to ancient units
* 21 New resources
* 26 Pre made maps included
* 15 New Improvements for terrain/resources
* 6 New route types (new road types, from cart path to highway to jumplane)
* 5 New Civilizations (55 with extra civ addon pack)
* 5 New Projects
* 4 New Citizen types
* 4 New Religions
* 2 New Civic categories
* 2 New Map sizes: Giant (54% bigger than Huge), Gigantic (50% bigger than Giant ie. 134% bigger than Huge)
* 2 New Gamespeed: Blitz 215 turns, Snail 3000 turns
* 1 New terrain type: Marsh
* AI Autoplay
and more..

go here to check it out and download..

there is even modules that other people are making to add to rise of mankind mod.. like new movies, even more units..

personally i found that still being limited to 4 wonders per city was a bit limiting when there is so many new ones so i edited the xml files after.. maybe i should post on the forums there and suggest he changes that for future releases.
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7 years ago#5

Rhyes. All time favorite mod. Even though I have only played the origional (Have yet to get BtS, downloading it now), it was amazing. Rhyes rules.

7 years ago#6
Wanderz can you post the .xml file?
7 years ago#7

orochi210 posted...
Wanderz can you post the .xml file? It's there, along with hundreds of other good mods.

7 years ago#8
Wanderz can you post the .xml file?
if you mean the xml file that i edited to allow more wonders per city, it's this one..
GlobalDefines.xml found in...
C:\Games\civ 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\Rise of Mankind\Assets\XML
(if you installed civ4 into a folder called games, default location is program files i'm sure)

about a third of the way down there is a section like this..

there's another line for national wonders as well.. change the 8 to a bigger number, like 10 or 12. -1 means no limit, which would be too much.
there is a lot of other things you can change in the same xml files... i suggest making backup copies just in case tho.

another nice trick..
if you, like me, are sick of your workers building forts everywhere instead of what's really needed to catch a resource (like mines that actually upgrade) then you can change what technology unlocks forts, or whatever else it is you don't want to use...
look in
C:\Games\civ 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\Rise of Mankind\Assets\XML\Units
for the
"CIV4BuildInfos.xml" file...

look for a section like this (use search to find fort).. and change the tech under prereqtech to something later.. i already did in this example of course.

there should just be a way to make workers not build them unless specifically told to, but i haven't found how yet.

i've done a lot of messing around with the different xml files.. only problem is if they update the ROM module, if i update i need to redo my changes each time :( so for now i'm sticking with version 2.62 even tho 2.7 is out.

i should probably figure out my login, or re register for civfanatics and upload some of my edited xml files as well..
some of them are a bit silly tho, and might make the game unbalanced.. :)
(hint: if i upload my civilizations files.. play Iroquois, with sitting bull as leader.. historical accuracy is irrelevant)
Am i the only one that finds it odd that there were cars over 20 years ago that got more then 50 mpg, and now car companies brag about 30 mpg?
7 years ago#9
downloading rom 2.7 (will install separately) once i redo the xml files for that i'll upload them to civfanatics and post links here.
Am i the only one that finds it odd that there were cars over 20 years ago that got more then 50 mpg, and now car companies brag about 30 mpg?
7 years ago#10

Ah ok thanks.

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