Loubugg666's psp 08 season

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Now, I didn't say that LOD's opponets were going to win or lose, I just said eventually I have to get rid of LOD... that has nothing to do with spoilers, because Melina has already set that up in the role play. If LOD wins, they stay, if one of them loses they are both gone...

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I am confused righ now. No this the only account I've ever had on here. Perhaps since everyone is at a loss of ideas for RPs we can just drop the main event, oh noes!, and just put up the results?
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sounds good, I'll do it tommorrow..

also, guy, he was thinking of me. I am Wesayso26, but I tried to change to Chuckles26...
alright, confused anymore?
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alryt fine by me
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k guys im gna wait for 2 more days if the results r not up by then then ill be postin them before this board gets loked!
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yeah, sorry, I've been having trouble with the board for some reason, I've had it done, but wouldn't post... it was weird, never happened before... anyway, let's see how far I get here...

Match 1:

NWO vs. RVD and Sting

Hogan and RVD start.
RVD takes control by a grapple, RVD climbs top turnbuckle, Hogan moves, making RVD miss. Hogan takes advantage and sends RVD to the corner. Hogan tags. Hall works on RVD with submissions. Hall pins, 2 count. RVD and Hall tag, putting all four in the ring at one time. RVD clotheslines Hogan as Hall slams Sting onto the mat. RVD climbs the turnbuckle again, and attempts a 5 star frog splash, Hogan moves, and he hits Sting. Hogan performes finisher and pins. 3 count.

winner: NWO

match 2:

Lita vs. Melina for greatest Diva in Organization. Hell in a Cell match

Lita starts control, slamming Melina's head into the cage wall. Melina goes to slam Lita into the cage, but Lita counters, and slams lita into the cage. They go outside and on top of the cage. After three different grapples, Lita falls from the cage and into the ring. Lita hits finisher, and pins for 3 count.

Winner and greatest Diva in organization: Lita

Match 3:

Hogan vs. Legion of Doom: Hawk for X-division title

Hogan starts by a slap to the face. LOD retaliates. LOD takes control. punches exchanged back and forth. Hogan grapples for control, goes for pin, 2 count, Hogan throws over top rope, and jumps top rope to attack, both get back in ring, Hogan hits finisher, and pins 3 count.

Hogan and new X-division Champion: Hulk Hogan

Match 4:

Joey Mercury vs. Legion of Doom: Animal

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Alright, I am officially annoyed and every WOW customer support employee knows my name by heart... so I'm online for this five minutes, I'm not going to give the details right now, I'm just going to tell you who won, so we can get to rping again...

Match 4:
was won by Joey Mercury.

Match 5:
was won by Edge after performing the con-chair-to on Nitro
so the new hardcore champion is Edge.

Match 6:
was won by Hardcore Bashers
even after two matches apart it was a battle for the gold and glory as the two tag teams went at it. And even with Lita and Melina getting involved to help each team win, the Hardcore bashers proved thier dominance over MNM and prevailed to remain Tag team Champions...
then NWO came out as MNM went backstage and stared into the eyes of the Hardcore Bashers, pointing at the titles.
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Rock: wow we won the hollywood-star-wannabes finally! damn dude but they put up a fight, too bad they weren't strong enough...anyways NWO, it seems that it's your lucky day, Dx haven't answered us yet so your our next victims!
Sabu: yeah! and im thinking of a...special hardcore match if you would agree to this, once you agree we will say wat type of match...
Lita: yep, it seems i am the best woman in this organization, i beat melina in hell in a cell match AND i helped my boys win the championship, when melina lost to me at that match and cudnt do anythin in this match! hahaha its so good to be the best!
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MNM and Legion of Doom are standing at the exit door to the arena.

Melina: Well, I didn't exactly think this would happen. BOTH of you lost. I was going to give the one who won another chance, but no, Hawk and Animal, you are fired, get out. Johnny, and Joey, you make sure they leave.

Johnny: okay.

Joey: I kinda like them, though, thier outfits are cool.

melina: more talk like that and you won't come back.

Joey: Okay, I'll help Johnny.

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this season still going hmm well not many people to pick from well shameful plug

join my wwe season http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=237&topic=42599491

can some of you guys join(if any of you are still here)