Wipeout 2050

#1Flashback_JackPosted 2/16/2012 7:50:15 AM

Mah boy Smaddy wrote:

I'm still kind of interested in it, despite all the things that put me off, because of the speed and it being a new Wipeout.

I'm in the same boat. Perhaps 2048 will be the first true, cumulative Wipeout experience for me. Pulse was brilliant, Wipeout 3 was glorious and 2097 was boss (in that order), but 2048's Super Phantom and a reworked soundscape has me wanting back in since the disappointment that was HD.

Real life's got busy..

I hear ya. Full time job and girlfriend leaves me next to no time to do any sort of gaming.

I have high hopes for 2048, and despite the lack of Racebox, I will be getting it at launch hoping all the reviews mentioning its exclusion would prompt Liverpool to put it back in. In fact, I'm counting on seeing it return because it only makes sense. I feel a fully-featured 2048 could rival the best of the Pulse days.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it, as I know you won't bother with it for long if it's not worth sinking hundreds of hours into. :)

Count on it.

- F
#2triple_leiPosted 2/16/2012 8:11:50 AM
I do have about $400 in cash put away somewhere, but if I can't be a thorn in your side in this game I'll wait for some sort of Vita-2000.

And no Racebox? Seems like any news I hear is just bad news. Has it been confirmed that the game card version and PSN download version load at different speeds? I'm trying to go all-digital here but the loading times seem long already.
#3MrSmadSmartAlexPosted 2/17/2012 11:12:11 AM(edited)
In the video I saw of Empire Climb loading from the stick, it took 56 seconds (I think it's still about 45-50 from the card). The load times are really bad, yeah.

It could be great if they put Racebox or something back in. I don't like looks of this focus on weapons at all, so it'd give me something to do. I always preferred Time Trials and Speed Laps anyway, despite all the time I spent online.
Also, apparently, the online mode is awful in terms of options. I'll ask Jabberjaw about it, as I think it was him who mentioned it.
From what I've read (Asa, Jabberjaw, Leungbok), the physics are actually pretty good; not so bouncy, and more challenging to control than HD, with pitch control being important. I like the sound of that, especially at Super Phantom.

I wonder if backquakes are back in. Lei would be able to do his noob-bashing videos again. :D
#4Flashback_Jack(Topic Creator)Posted 2/22/2012 9:42:40 AM(edited)
I don't like looks of this focus on weapons at all..

I don't see that at all. The new tracks look purpose built for mad racing. What weapons could be fired depend on the craft you pick this time. Not sure if you're aware of this, but only fighter ships have access to some of the stronger weapons; i.e., quakes and triple missle shots -- so we won't be seeing an excessive deluge of game-wrecking weapon combat, unless we all pick fighter ships. Among us, I simply don't see that happening; non-pedestrian players will probably default to speed or agility class ships for online racing.

Add to that, the fact that we now have more choice between offense and defense with the split up weapon pads, and it's looking pretty promising. Some of the videos I've seen where players aim for the defensive (green) pads, they pretty much get a turbo or shield every time.

Only concern I have is I hope there isn't a broken ship that'll eat up all the leaderboard spots. I'm looking at you, Piran-ha. It'll probably happen anyway.

It could be great if they put Racebox or something back in. I don't like looks of this focus on weapons at all..

Yes to Racebox, and I suspect that the lack of custom control options, which ought to be standard in any modern game, are a testament to what might be a stringent release timeframe foisted upon them. I believe it was Hellfire that mentioned the game was in mere alpha last October or so. With all the negative press about the lack of customizability, I'm sure they'll add it back in. Early sales reports suggest this game is selling ridiculous amounts, so that might buy us time for a whole load more features.

I always preferred Time Trials and Speed Laps anyway, despite all the time I spent online.

I hear ya. What I know about the game is that for every track you complete during the campaign, an equivalent SL/TT option opens up in the bottom left corner of the event map. So we technically have TT and SL, but without the turbo at the beginning of each lap. I hope they'll fix that.

I wonder if backquakes are back in.

Sadly they aren't. Leung confirmed it. The AG-S prototype has a feature where you could swing your ship around like in HD Eliminator, but if you can't backquake, the feature is useless to me. Personally.

I also like the idea of what I'm hearing is pretty good ship control. When I look at some of the videos, it seems as if the ships slide sideways a lot on long bends, adding a bit of unpredictability to the mix, while appeasing fans who want more traditional flight mechanics.

Anyhow, I'll be picking the game up today. Due to an unfortunate upheaval in my personal life (still got my job anyway), I'll have more time to play.

- F
#5Flashback_Jack(Topic Creator)Posted 3/5/2012 9:13:11 AM
So, with a few more hours put into the game, here's my final verdict.

The campaign is a forgettable chore. Combat events are a silly fragfest and Zone mode seems slower than HD even on the fastest speeds.

For us, the only redeemer is using the campaign enough to unlock the speed lap events, which are all bunched up together on the event grid. All tracks and speed classes are bunched together in their own little area.

And let me tell ya -- 2048 is a speedlapper's wet dream. A+ class is bloody marvellous. It's fickin' fast and out of control. The handling is squarely between Pure and Pulse in feeling; the ships tend to bounce erratically at times causing you to struggle a bit to bring it back under control.

With the increased speed, merely tapping the airbrakes will send your ship fishtailing slightly. It's all good though, because the presentation is spot on -- it's so fast that it accurately communicates to the player that all should not be well. It wants you to know that there ought to be a fine line separating you from oblivion when you fly around the tracks. 2048 does that beautifully.

Sound wise, scores of reviewers have compared 2048's sound design to Star Wars' pod racers. While I'm loathe to fall in line with that comparison, it's about the most accurate one to be made. The ships scream around the tracks in several octaves; just when you thought a ship has reached its redline and the engine couldn't cry any louder, the screen shudders slightly and your ship kicks into a higher gear starting over from a lower drone. It's bloody awesome is what it is, especially when you fly through the tunnels of the Subway track and the acoustics bouncing off the tunnel walls flood your synapses -- one gets the clear sense that the ships are older tech because their engines sound at times like they're about to fall apart. They curiously sound equal parts jet fighter and shi_box. I can't describe them any clearer than that.

For flat out speed, I'm very close to saying this is the best Wipeout yet. Trust me, I'm as diehard a Pulse fan as it gets, but while Pulse just about nails the total package.. 2048's speed lap mode is a game in itself.

- F
#6MrSmadSmartAlexPosted 3/5/2012 10:41:47 AM
Flashback_Jack posted...
And let me tell ya -- 2048 is a speedlapper's wet dream.

Ah, so that's why Leung always seems so quick to defend the game. :D

Thanks for posting your thoughts on it. Seems like they made a mess of much of it (like not enough focus on racing modes instead of combat nonsense, and a stupid forced single player campaign), but with speed lap mode being its important redeeming feature. I like the sound of the physics and atmosphere/feel. Although it means giving Sony money they don't deserve for a Vita, I'll probably end up picking this up at some point, just so I can lose some life to speed lap mode, which sounds awesome. :)
#7Flashback_Jack(Topic Creator)Posted 3/5/2012 11:04:28 AM
Yeah. Given that you and I share taste for Pulse's presentation, I'm fairly sure you'll love 2048 despite the online component not being up to snuff. Pulse still wins for total package, but 2048's speed lap mode in A+ is the only thing that matters this time around. There is no dedicated time trial grid, unless you dig the event out of the offline campaign map and it probably won't be on a speed class you want anyway.

Online is basically an extended campaign mode. You're expected to race fast, but damn -- there are objectives that are straight up useless unless you want to earn points to unlock more stuff. Why am I supposed to hit "eliteracer238" when he's fifteen seconds behind me? Ferget it! I seriously hope they'll give us the choice with a Racebox mode.

Seems Liverpool wanted to appease to the fragile noobs who don't like losing races. With an objective-based online campaign, everyone scores an "Elite Pass" with relative ease, even if they didn't come first.

The speed lap events don't have their one turbo per lap either. I'm not worried about it; in fact it's a good thing because as simple a concept it is, not everyone understands that you can fire off a turbo just before the start line to get a jump into the next lap. In this sense everyone is on an even playing field. There are already sickening lap times on the leaderboards, and I'm struggling on at least one track just to crack the top three. LOL!

- F
#8triple_leiPosted 3/6/2012 10:00:04 PM
Got it a while back too and just completed 2049 with all Elite Passes (darn combat events...).

I wasn't immediately awesome at it and I have less time to play than I had with Pulse, but I'm liking it.The loading times don't bother me as much as I thought they would, and I downloaded it from the PSN. Haven't touched online yet.

Looking forward to finding weird-ass barrel rolls again!
#9Flashback_Jack(Topic Creator)Posted 3/7/2012 12:02:45 PM
I wasn't immediately awesome at it..

Yeah, the new handling takes awhile to get used to. I'm on the A+ events and can honestly say I haven't fully mastered the handling yet. I'm sure the handling wasn't meant to be fully mastered at all.

The loading times don't bother me as much as I thought they would..

No, they're actually quite bearable. Mountain out of a molehill. When the next patch comes out that'll reduce the load times to half the original, I'm dying to see if there will be some spoiled noob complaining still.

Haven't touched online yet.. Looking forward to finding weird-ass barrel rolls again!

Online is a forgettable lottery. Every map and mode are voted on and most of the events I participated in so far have been combat events. Online folks seem to prefer those. Word has it A+ events are few and far between as well.

As for the weird-ass barrel rolls, there are a few, but I can't see it being the BR goldmine that was Pulse or HD. 2048's tracks are largely flat anyway.

- F
#10triple_leiPosted 4/3/2012 8:31:09 AM
Welp, it's been one month for me and I'm feeling stuck between trying to complete the online campaign while the competition is still in its infancy and slowly trying to beat Asayyeah's C-class records. I think I'm on Level 13 online.

Has it been confirmed that Feisar Prototype is the supership in this game? I kinda want to main that ship but AG Systems Prototype is also wicked cool. Dunno about mastering Pir-hana Prototype just yet.

And although combat after combat still blows, I don't blame people for picking it either as it's the only way you're gonna fulfill requirement combinations like "finish first" AND "hit two specific players." If backquakes worked, I would've Elite Passed a certain event a long time ago...

But at least the camera function is fun. I've been known to:

- wear sunglasses and strike a pose to try to look cool
- change shirts for no reason in between races
- take pictures upside-down
- take pictures with me pointing and/or laughing to the side so it looks like I'm pointing and/or laughing at one of the top 3 finishers (I point to the left and hope I don't get third or else I'm just pointing and/or laughing at no one and looking like an idiot)

Still trying to figure out a way to record without having the camera block the screen or otherwise limit my gameplay. I got an iPod touch and although I might be able to buy something that'll let me wear it from my neck, it'll also make the video in portrait mode (like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pONNU3XDN9Y ), and I hate that. At least Kakeru714 on YouTube put out some quality stuff a while back.