help, game keeps crashing :(

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9 years ago#1

i played a battle of the americas campaign fine, then i got back to the campaign map. then i engaged in another battle but as it was loading it gave me the "sorry medieval 2 total war kingdoms etc etc. has encountered a unspecified error and needs to close"

now i cant even play custom games, quick games, or historical battles. and now it doesnt just happen with the americas game, it does the same thing for the other three as well. my original medieval 2 works fine though.

any ideas?

9 years ago#2
bump, and i just checked my medieval 2 and the same error is coming up, except i cant even start up the game itself before getting the crash and error.
9 years ago#3
same thing happened to me and this fixed it. i uninstalled then installed the and patched first to 1.3 without installing kingdoms, then re did the installation it and installed kingdoms
9 years ago#4
so i uninstall medieval 2 total war, and kingdoms, then i re-install medieval 2, patch it to 1.3, and then install kingdoms and then it should be fine?
9 years ago#5
Yes, uninstall everything, and install it back from scratch!
9 years ago#6
Also, if you're using the Trainer with a No-CD/DVD patch, that's known to make it crash.
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