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9 years ago#1


In order to find what you need, look through the table of contents. Then press CTRL+F and enter the number of the question there and press enter twice. You should then go directly to that question. Although with the 100+ questions, you may have to press enter 3 times. =/

This Mini-Guide was intended to help all of the new players to Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, and help the older players (who experienced GC/PS2/PC versions of the game) who don't feel like constantly answering the same questions over and over again... Believe me, I know how it is.


~~ Table of Contents ~~

A. Wii-Specific

Q01: What are the controls for the Wii Edition?
Q02: Is the Wii Edition censored? I heard it was!
Q03: Oh wow, this box art is the best looking one of them all, isn't it?!
Q04: Are the graphics better in this one?
Q05: Is the game compatible with Gamecube controllers?
Q06: Is the game compatible with the Classic Controller?
Q07: Does the Wii Edition have real-time cutscenes?
Q08: Does it have real-time weapon change?
Q09: OMG, diz game is sooo much better than PS2 LOL!
Q10: Does the TMP Shortcut/Ditman/Fence Glitch/etc. work in this version?

B. Pre-Game

Q11: Should I buy this game?
Q12: What is this game about?
Q13: Is this game scary?
Q14: Do I need to play the other games in the series to understand the story?
Q15: What are the difficulty levels in this game?
Q16: How long is this game?
Q17: What are the unlockable items/weapons in this game?
Q18: Is Dante/MMX/Mr. T/Rand al'Thor in this game?

C. Basics

Q19: What are the free weapons that can be found throughout the game?
Q20: Are there any extra scenes in the Main Game I can miss?
Q21: How old is Leon in RE4?
Q22: How do I save?
Q23: What's up with the Codec... are they trying to copy Metal Gear?
Q24: Can you move when shooting?
Q25: What are the Gandos suppo--
Q26: Why don't the Ganados use guns? There was a shotgun on the wall and they didn't use it.
Q27: What are the herbs used for?
Q28: What's the best healing item in the game?
Q29: Why do the crows carry money, ammo, and grenades?
Q30: Are the Treasure Maps worth buying?
Q31: I'm low on ammo, and there are a lot of enemies! What do I do?
Q32: What's the best way to deal with Las Plagas?
Q33: What happens if Ashley gets carried off?
Q34: What does TMP stand for?
Q35: Who is the Merchant, and how does he get to places so fast?
Q36: Did you lie when answering the previous question?
Q37: Does the Merchant sell ammunition?
Q38: What happens if I kill the Merchant? >:3
Q39: Where does Leon keep that Attache Case?
Q40: What other Resident Evil games has Krauser been in?
Q41: Why aren't there any children in the game?

D. Village

Q42: What's the point of the dog caught in the bear trap in the beginning?
Q43: So I was shooting the boxes on the tables and...
Q44: I'm having trouble at the first Village near the beginning of the game. Any tips?
Q45: Can the cows die?
Q46: Can you die by getting your leg caught in the bear traps?
Q47: Is the scared dog in the farm area the same dog I saved from the bear trap earlier?
Q48: Why can't I suplex this Ganado? I can do it just fine on the Zealots and Soldiers...
Q49: What happened to Leon's jacket?
Q50: What's with the fish before the Cemetery?
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9 years ago#2
Q51: I can't figure out this puzzle behind the church. What's the solution?
Q52: I keep hitting the trees floating in the lake during the boss fight with Del Lago. Any advice?
Q53: El Gigante is giving me some problems, and I need some words of advice. Have any for me?
Q54: How do I get across on the chandelier in the Church?!
Q55: I can't figure out the Red, Green, Blue puzzle inside of the Church. What do I do?
Q56: How old is Ashley?
Q57: Wait.
Q58: The Cabin is really hard. What do I have to do to beat this part?
Q59: Which path should I take... left or right?
Q60: I can't beat Mendez... Help?

E. Castle

Q61: So those Zealots say "Moldy STDs" a lot don't they?
Q62: Why doesn't Ashley use her ballistics to kill all of the Ganados?
Q63: A... midget? Seriously, a midget?
Q64: What kind of tips are there for dealing with the first Garrador in the prison?
Q65: The water room. 'Nuff said. What do I do?
Q66: What do I get for playing the Target Practice Game?
Q67: What are these... invisible bugs?
Q68: Are the Novistador "Eyes" important?
Q69: Is there anything I can do to get Blue Eyes, Red Eyes, Green Eyes, etc.?
Q70: There are Zealots praying at some weird alter. How do I kill them all quickly so they don't get away?
Q71: I don't get the Gallery Room Portrait Puzzle. How do I solve it quickly?
Q72: The Hedge Maze is really annoying. Any advice?
Q73: Who was that girl in the red dress?
Q74: Leon mentioned Ada working with Wesker... what did he mean?
Q75: What weapon should I use to shoot the wine bottle before the Cage fight?
Q76: The Cage with the Garrador is tough. Tips, please?
Q77: I don't have enough room in my case for the free Rocket Launcher. Should I bother getting it?
Q78: What... what was the thing that came out of Saddler's robe? O____o
Q80: How do I get Ashley free from her bonds?
Q81: How do I do the 3x3 puzzle with Ashley?
Q82: Can Ashley suplex like Leon? Seriously?
Q83: Is there any easy way to take out the Zealots on the dragon statues that spit fire?
Q84: Why didn't Leon just shoot Salazar in his tiny head when he had the chance?
Q85: Ashley keeps dying after I get the King's Grail. What should I do?
Q86: After getting the two Grails, I'll enter in through the door across the ha---
Q87: Can that giant Novistador nest be shot down?
Q88: This many Novistadors is a chore. What's the best way to deal with them?
Q89: How do I get the Clock Tower running again?
Q90: There are TWO Garradors and Zealots in a room, what do I do?
Q91: I found a blooper! Salazar sends his "Right Hand" after you, but he's on his left. LOL!
Q92: I've tried beating Verdugo, but it's impossible. Is there an easier way?
Q93: Can the boulder in the Las Plagas mine area be blown up with a rocket from the RL? I'm working on a speed run and it would help...
Q94: Now I'm fighting two El Gigantes. What's a quick way to kill them?
Q95: I need the Sacrifice of the Lion, where is it?
Q96: A giant Salazar statue...? That's what he invests his money in?
Q97: Is this big circular tower the final part of the Castle section of the game?
Q98: There's nowhere left to go... I just got to an elevator with two crates on it. What do I do?
Q99: Is there anyway to Knife Salazar?
Q100: Do the Las Plagas (Type 3) that appear in the "pit" during Salazar's boss battle ever stop coming?
I thought I'd never say that, but I'd bang Arin now.~ Izaack
9 years ago#3
F. Island

Q101: A-Dawg, you're small-time!
Q102: What do I do about the machine gun guy?!
Q103: Now that I killed everyone, what do I do? There are two weird mirrors here...
Q104: Should I buy the Tactical Vest?
Q105: Let me guess... Oven Man?
Q106: What the hell were those two Ganados doing to Ashley in her cell?
Q107: I just met my first Regenerator... what do I do?
Q108: Where do I find the thermal scope?
Q109: I'm at the Iron Maiden. What do I do?
Q110: There are two levers here... what do I need to do to open the door?
Q111: Wait.. what the hell? Ashley can drive a bulldozer now?
Q112: I can't do the Krauser Knife fight fast enough, and I keep dying. Help?
Q113: How does Leon know Krauser?
Q114: Why is Krauser working for Wesker, and how does he know Ada?
Q115: What is "IT"...?
Q116: Did they get this lame laser hallway idea from the Resident Evil movie?
Q117: I'm in the cages with U3... what do I do?
Q118: Boss Battle with U3. Now what?
Q119: Krauser isn't dying in this ruins part. What am I doing wrong?
Q120: The Rocket Launcher didn't work on Krauser! What now?
Q121: Krauser cannot be beaten. I've tried everything...
Q122: Who is the guy in the helicopter?
Q123: Why doesn't Mike help me on Professional Mode?!
Q124: What the heck is in that bag in the Prison? It moved!
Q125: Another Regenerator? I sold my Thermal Scope already!
Q126: More action packed non-stop killing?
Q127: I'm at the final Merchant... what should I buy?
Q128: How can Leon use his knife in the Saddler boss fight? He threw it to free Ada!
Q129: Can Saddler be knifed to death?
Q130: Can I beat Saddler without using the Special Rocket Launcher Ada drops?
Q131: How do I deal the final blow to Saddler?
Q132: How did Ada jump into that helicopter...wouldn't she have been chopped to pieces?
Q133: Why didn't Leon accept Ashley's offer...? I would have been all over that!
Q134: How does Leon expect to go from Spain to the United States on a jet-ski?
Q135: Does it really show what happened to the Ganado children in the credits?

G. Post-Game

Q136: I think I found something out! Krauser has both Las Plagas and the T-Virus. What do you think?
Q137: Do all of my weapons and items carry over to a Round 2 game?
Q138: Which Mini-Game should I play first after the Main Game?
Q139: How do I unlock the missing movies in the Movie Browser?
Q140: I beat the game but ________ wasn't available at the Merchant's! What do I do?
Q141: How do I make enough money for the special weapons?
Q142: What are the differences between Normal and Professional Mode?
Q143: What's the fastest speed run for the game?
Q144: What if Ashley, a Regenerator, Saddler, Leon, Ada, "That Dog", Krauser, Verdugo, etc. showed up at your house?
Q145: Alright, I'm bored with this game. What kind of "Challenge Runs" are there?
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9 years ago#4
H. Assignment Ada

Q146: How long does Assignment Ada take?
Q147: What do I get for beating AA?
Q148: Can I upgrade my weapons?
Q149: There's a Knife in AA... was it in the older versions of RE4?
Q150: I'm having trouble with Krauser, is there an easier way to take him out?
Q151: Is Assignment Ada canon to the series?

I. Separate Ways

Q152: What's new in Separate Ways?
Q153: How long will Separate Ways take?
Q154: Is playing as Ada harder than Leon?
Q155: When saving Separate Ways, do I overwrite my Main Game file?
Q156: Is Separate Ways canon to the series?
Q157: Did... did I just see a Ganado wearing glasses?

J. Mercenaries

Q158: What is Mercenaries?
Q159: What do I need to do to unlock the Handcannon?
Q160: Is there a list for the Star Rankings?
Q161: Can I use the Handcannon in Separate Ways, Assignment Ada, Mercenaries, etc.?
Q162: How much does the Handcannon cost, and what does it take to upgrade it?
Q163: What are the Mini-Bosses in each level?
Q164: Who is Mr. Salvador/Salvador X/etc.?
Q165: I'm having a hard time with Mercenaries. What can I do?

K. Weapon Descriptions

Q166: What are the real names of the weapons featured in RE4?

L. Credits
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9 years ago#5
~~ Mini-FAQ Q & A ~~

A. Wii-Specific

Q01: What are the controls for the Wii Edition?
A. I'll go ahead and list what everything does. RE4: Wii Edition uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo but you can also use the Gamecube or Classic controllers if you wish to do so.

Wii Remote
Reload ~ Wave Wii Remote While holding B Button
Knife Attack ~ Wave Wii Remote while holding C Button
Quick Knife Attack ~ Wave Wii Remote with Knife put away

Control Stick
Move ~ Up, Down, Left, Right
Targeting ~ Any direction moves sight

+ Control Pad
Reload ~ Press while holding B Button
Camera ~ Move the camera's point of view

C Button
Draw Knife ~ C Button
Knife Attack ~ C Button + A Button
Scope: Zoom out when using Scope ~ C Button

Z Button
Run ~ Z Button + Control Stick Up
Quick 180 turn ~ Z Button + Control Stick Down
Scope: Zoom in when using Scope ~ Z Button

Aim ~ Point in any direction while holding the B Button

A Button
Fire/Attack ~ A Button
while holding B Button
Action (kick, etc.) ~ A Button
Perform prompted action ~ A Button
Confirm ~ A Button

B Buton
Draw weapon ~ B Button
Rotate item in Attache Case ~ B Button
Cancel ~ B Button

+ Button
Command Ashley ~ + Button toggles "Wait" and "Follow me"
Display Keys & Treasures ~ + Button

- Button
Display Status Screen/Skip Cutscene/Cancel

1 Button
Map Screen

2 Button
Options Screen

Q02: Is the Wii Edition censored? I heard it was!
A. In some regions RE4: Wii Edition undoubtedly will be censored. Japan and Germany are two countries that I can think of off the top of my head that have censored past versions of RE4 (so it's not just a Wii version issue -- sorry, Wii-bashers.), so I expect it to be this time around as well. However, the North American version of the game will not be censored. So don't worry about it.

Q03: Oh wow, this box art is the best looking one of them all, isn't it?!
A. Uh... sure. It's all up to personal preference, and I could give a damn what the box looks like... it's what's inside that counts.
I thought I'd never say that, but I'd bang Arin now.~ Izaack
9 years ago#6
Q04: Are the graphics better in this one?
A. Not really, it's a direct port.

Q05: Is the game compatible with Gamecube controllers?
A. Yes, it is.

Q06: Is the game compatible with the Classic Controller?
A. Yes.

Q07: Does the Wii Edition have real-time cutscenes?
A. Yes, but if you were waiting to see Leon in his Gangster outfit and Ashley in her Knight costume in the scenes, it won't happen. Only Special Costume Set 1 will show up in the cutscenes...

Q08: Does it have real-time weapon change?
A. Is this a joke? I think this is a joke. >_______>

However, no. You have to go into your case every time to change your weapon out. It's like that in every version of RE4.

Q09: OMG, diz game is sooo much better than PS2 LOL!
A. Resident Evil 4 is Resident Evil 4. No matter on what console you play, you'll still be playing a AAA game. Whatever preference you have is your own, but there's no reason to rub it in the faces of people who don't have a Wii.

Q10: Does the TMP Shortcut/Ditman/Fence Glitch/etc. work in this version?
A. Alright, to clarify, I'm just going to list some useful glitches and how to do them:

Ditman Glitch ~ Commonly referred to as the Striker Glitch, certainly works on the Wii Edition. For those that don't know how to do the actual glitch, though, here are the steps:

1. Equip the Striker.
2. Hold B to aim.
3. Before Leon finishes the aiming animation, go into the Item Menu.
4. Switch to a different weapon.

Once that is done, all of Leon's animations (with a few exceptions) will be 1.5x faster. If you can't get the glitch to work, then check out this YouTube video and emulate it:

Keep in mind that there are plenty of things that negate the Ditman Glitch effects. Here is a list of them:

1. Many A-button commands.
2. Aiming with Shotgun/Riot Gun/Striker.
3. Leon covering his face from explosion.
4. Healing.
5. Getting hurt.
6. Cutscene/Radio

Hover Glitch ~ Used in the Merchant Lake Cave after beating Del Lago. It lets you run through the cave walls and into endless space. The same miscellaneous items found in the Village area when using the Fence Glitch can be found here as well. That includes: Herb, TMP ammo, Shotgun ammo, and Mine Thrower ammo. To do the glitch, follow these steps:

NOTE: You'll need to know how to do the Ditman Glitch otherwise this glitch won't work.

1. Turn left, push the crate, turn right, climb up the ladder.
2. Turn around.
3. Activate Ditman Glitch.
4. Jump down ladder.

You'll then be hovering over the ground and free to walk through the walls.
I thought I'd never say that, but I'd bang Arin now.~ Izaack
9 years ago#7
Fence Glitch ~ Probably the most well known glitch in RE4. The fence in question is the one in the farm area in the Village where you first see the Blue Medallions in the game. For a video of the Fence Glitch, check here:

Unlike the NTSC GC version of RE4, you cannot do the glitch at anytime -- it can only be done at night (like the PS2 version) when you are on your way back through the farm with Ashley. To do the glitch:

1. Walk next to the fence and press A. (If you didn't make it up the small hill like in the video, try again. It may take a few tries.)
2. Explore the area to find some hidden items.

TMP Shortcut Glitch ~ There's not really a point in listing it here, because the glitch has been fixed in the Wii Edition of RE4.

El Gigante Lava Rom Glitch ~ This is a glitch where you can skip the entire fight with the two Gigantes in the Lava Room. To do it:

1. Activate the Ditman Glitch.
2. Climb up the ladder leading to the zip line.
3. Use the zip line to get to the other side of the room.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 a few more times until you go through the wall behind the lever in the room.
5. Exit through the door where the Gigantes came from.

B. Pre-game

Q11: Should I buy this game?
A: Tough call. With the Wii Edition, that makes 4 separate versions of Resident Evil 4 (GCN, PS2, PC, Wii). However, I think it is safe to say that this is the "complete" version of Resident Evil 4 that we've all been waiting for -- with motion control, of course. And at $30 (in the U.S.), it's not very steep either for a great game. If you are still iffy about purchasing it, give it a rental and then decide.

Q12: What is this game about?
A: I'm feeling a bit lazy, so how about I just include that short Prologue found in the Instruction Booklet?

Several years have passed since the destruction of Raccoon City...
Leon is now facing his ultimate challenge...
A mysterious village...
Creatures that defy nature...
Are they human?
A curse that plagues the human body...

Basically the President's daughter, Ashley Graham, has been kidnapped and Leon S. Kennedy is dispatched into Spain for a solo mission to recover her, but things take a turn for the worst when Leon finds there is something terribly wrong with the locals in the area...

Q13: Is this game scary?
A. Er... not quite. But I will say that it has some intense moments.
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9 years ago#8
Q14: Do I need to play the other games in the series to understand the story?
A: Well, as a Resident Evil junkie, I would say absolutely you should play the other games in the series. But to be honest, you don't need to play them in order to understand the story in Resident Evil 4. It's more of a stand-alone title with closer ties to Resident Evil 2 because of a certain character in a red dress. Regardless, if you don't want to play the actual games (but still want to know about the story) read up on this Plot Analysis FAQ written by TWilde / President Evil. It's a very good read:

Q15: What are the difficulty levels in this game?
A. I'll list them along with my take on each Difficulty Mode:

NOTE: The Wii Edition North American version does not include Amateur or Easy mode while the European Wii Edition version comes with Easy, but not Amateur mode.

Amateur ~ Exclusive to the Wii Edition. Unless you are having issues adjusting to the Wii Controls, I would say to avoid this butchered version of the game.
Easy ~ Some things are cut out like the Hedge Maze in the Castle and various other areas. I would suggest sticking to Normal to get a complete experience.
Normal ~ Not too hard, not too easy. Plus, this is the complete version as the two easier modes in the game cut things out.
Professional ~ Beat the game once to unlock. It ramps up the difficulty a bit and provides some more challenges. At least we get something for beating it, eh? (The people who played the GameCube version know what I'm talking about...)

Q16: How long is this game?
A. For a first-timer on Normal difficulty, it will take around 16 hours or so. I'd imagine that a Amateur/Easy run would be considerably less.

Q17: What are the unlockable items/weapons in this game?
A. Well let's see here. How about I list them for you then...

Complete the Main Game once:
- Alternate Title Screen
- Professional Difficulty ~ Ready to try a harder difficulty after completing Normal? Then this Mode is for you.
- Infinite Rocket Launcher ~ Just like the name says, it fires Infinite Rockets. NOTE: When using it, it doesn't effect your Accuracy Percentage. So fire away!
- Matilda ~ Pistol that fires in 3 rounds bursts. Large capacity, low damage, extreme firing rate. It's a bit of an ammo hog.
- Special Costume 1 ~ Leon gets an RPD uniform and Ashley has a "Pop Star" outfit.
- Separate Ways ~ Mini-Game featuring Ada Wong. It fills in some holes that the Main Game left.
- Assignment Ada ~ Non-Canon Mini-Game featuring Ada Wong. It's there just for fun, and is very short.
- Mercenaries ~ 4 Levels + 5 Characters + Waves of Ganados + Mini-Bosses = Endless Fun.
- Movie Browser ~ Watch cutscenes from the Main Game.
I thought I'd never say that, but I'd bang Arin now.~ Izaack
9 years ago#9
Complete Professional Mode:
- P.R.L. 412 (Plaga Removal Laser) ~ Crazy weapon that acts as infinite flash grenades. A charged shot inflicts MASSIVE DAMAGE on all those poor souls around Leon. Plagas-Infected Ganados beware!

Complete Separate Ways:
- Special Costume 2 ~ Leon wears a Mafia "Gangster" outfit while Ashley wears an impenetrable Knight costume. The sound of her running almost made me go insane... you'll see what I mean when you unlock it.
- Chicago Typewriter (For use in the Main Game only)
- Ada's Reports in the Movie Browser

Complete Assignment Ada:
- Chicago Typewriter (For use in Separate Ways only)

Mercenaries Unlockables:
- Ada ~ Get a 4 Star Rank on the Village level
- Hunk ~ Get a 4 Star Rank on the Military Base level
- Krauser ~ Get a 4 Star Rank on the Castle level
- Wesker ~ Get a 4 Star Rank on the Waterworld level
- Handcannon ~ Get 5 Star Ranks on every level with every character

F.Y.I. - The Mercenaries Point System is as follows:

1-Star Rank ~ 9,999 Points or less
2-Star Rank ~ 10,000 Points or more
3-Star Rank ~ 20,000 Points or more
4-Star Rank ~ 30,000 Points or more
5-Star Rank ~ 60,000 Points or more

Q18: Is Dante/MMX/Mr. T/Rand al'Thor in this game?
A. This was only added for old time's sake. Resident Evil 4 PS2 board. <3

In answer to the actual question, though... No. Although, they'd be killing machines if they were.

C. Basics

Q19: What are the free weapons that can be found throughout the game?
A. I'll go ahead and list them -- there really aren't that many.

1. Shot Gun ~ Found in the second story of a house in the Village (You can get it during the actual Village attack or after if you don't want to trigger the appearance of Dr. Salvador to make things easier on yourself). You'll see which house I'm talking about when you get into the town. It's the only two-story house in that particular area.

2. Punisher ~ After you've reached the Farm (still in the Village area), you can start a "Side-Quest" by shooting the hanging blue medallions you see. 7 are located in the Farm and 8 are around the Graveyard near the Church. Shooting 10 of them will give you the gun itself... but shooting all 15 will get you one with a Fire Power upgrade. Just talk to the Merchant again to claim your prize. It's worth it, and not much of a hassle. If you need help looking for the medallions, check your map.

3. Rocket Launcher ~ In 3-3, after the Cage Fight with the Garrador. You'll come to the place where you raise the walkway with the lever, etc. If you go to the left side of the room, there will be a Rocket Launcher inside of a glass case along with ammo. Go ahead and load up and make room for the Rocket Launcher. You'll be needing it in 4-1 when you face off with Salazar's "right hand"... Verdugo.

4. Broken Butterfly ~ Once you've reached 4-1, you'll be reunited with Ashley. From there, backtrack to the area just before the Hedge Maze (near the fountain where 3 crows were sitting) Go to the nearby window and use the 'Piggyback' option when it comes up to have Ashley climb through the opening and unlock the door for you. The free Broken Butterfly is inside, along with some other goodies.
I thought I'd never say that, but I'd bang Arin now.~ Izaack
9 years ago#10
Q20: Are there any extra scenes in the Main Game I can miss?
A. There are a few pretty interesting ones (I may be missing a few -- such as the optional scene in the first Village fight if you trigger Dr. Salvador by going into the two story house, but it's really minor stuff.):

1. Ada...? ~ Once Leon enters the Village Chief's house at the end of 1-2 (There's a pathetic "puzzle" to enter the house -- a glass ball lodged into a door with the cult's insignia on it that you have to roll into the right position), find the Insignia Key and exit the bedroom to make a cutscene play of Leon being attacked by Mendez. Once he lets you go, he'll enter his bedroom and that will signal the end of Chapter 1-2. Once 1-3 begins... go back into the Chief's bedroom. Leon's wanting another beating, I guess. Anyway, someone's watching over Leon (and saves his neck, which won't be the last time)... and she's wearing a red dress. Who could that be?

2. Del Lago Feeds ~ Chapter 1-3. You'll have two small paths to take after coming out of the flooded area with the number of Ganados. One turns off slightly to the right, leading directly to a lake along with two small cabins, while the other is slightly more elevated and is straight. If you take the straight path up, a cutscene will play where two Ganados feed a huge creature living in the lake (named Del Lago) one of your buddies from the beginning of the game.

3. Del Lago Feeds... Again ~ Chapter 1-3. Before the first boss-fight with Del Lago, you will have an opportunity to shoot the fish in the lake you come across. If you take 5-6 shots at the lake from the small dock, Del Lago's massive head will pop out of the water suddenly and eat Leon. Quite surprising for the first time you play the game.

4. Cabin Fight ~ During the Cabin "showdown" before the Two Paths, you'll be fighting alongside Luis Sera against what seems an endless tide of Ganados. If you shoot Luis a certain number of times, Leon will meet an unfortunate (but well deserved) end.

Q21: How old is Leon in RE4?
A. He was 21 in RE2, so 6 years later he would be 27.

Q22: How do I save?
A. Well that's an easy one. At the end of every chapter, it will ask you if you would like to save the game. However, the Typewriters are back from previous RE games but you won't be needing an ink cartridge. Just simply walk up to one and save. If you check your map, you'll see where they are located.

Q23: What's up with the Codec... are they trying to copy Metal Gear?
A. Probably. But anything Metal Gear-ish is good. We need more Metal Gear in this world. @__@

Q24: Can you move when shooting?
A. No, you can't strafe. Use quick-turn if you start to get attacked from behind.

Q25: What are the Gandos suppo--
A. Stop right there. It is not Gando or Granado... The correct word is Ganado. And don't let me catch you saying "Gando" on the board, either. It's annoying...

Q26: Why don't the Ganados use guns? There was a shotgun on the wall and they didn't use it.
A. Well... they seem content with using their pitchforks, etc. So let's not give them any ideas about firearms... >_>
I thought I'd never say that, but I'd bang Arin now.~ Izaack
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