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9 years ago#11
I didn't even know there was an easy difficulty.
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9 years ago#12
No, i'm not looking forward to Wii Fit at all, it's a great idea but i'd rather do activities such as sports to keep fit.

I see myself as a casual gamer, although when I do play I take it seriously but I leave large gaps sometimes as long as a whole week in between playing at times.
9 years ago#13
I didn't even know there was an easy difficulty.

There is easy in Japan/UK Wii releases. There is also an amature mode somewhere...but I'm not sure where.
Why?-Felix, Golden Sun: The Lost Age
9 years ago#14
Fair enough, SuperPoe.
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9 years ago#15
Easy mode?!

How lame!

Only kids play in easy mode!
Why you can hardly swallow your fears and pain
While you can't help but follow
9 years ago#16
Only kids play in easy mode!

Kids shouldn't be playing this game to begin with...

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