what's the easiest way to kill krauser?

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8 years ago#1
i'm at ruins area.
8 years ago#2
Reading faqs does quadruple damage to him if you hit him in the left foot.
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8 years ago#3
At the start of the fight approach him just a bit and knife him in the legs, around the knees or so. You may need to enter a dodge prompt, so be ready for that. Once he kneels down, slash him in the head till he stands up. Repeat. Try to back him against a wall to keep him from moving much, also giving him less opportunities to attack, thus negating your need to enter dodge prompts. Done properly, he can be defeated in less than 30 seconds with this method.
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8 years ago#4
the knife is your friend
8 years ago#5
He's quite random, but the knife is the easiest way to get the job done.
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8 years ago#6
You can also knife his legs and when he crouches: shoot him with something nasty. After all that's what rare ammo is for!
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8 years ago#7
I always use the Broken Butterfly and the Chicago Typewriter (when I have it).
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8 years ago#8
I knife him as it seems to kill him the fastest.
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8 years ago#9
I also use the BB. I know he takes insane damage from the knife. Some people can take him down using the knife with no problem. I am not one of them.
8 years ago#10
Don't use a rocket launcher, its a waste.

the knife does more damage to him then the rocket launcher
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  3. what's the easiest way to kill krauser?

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