What's the original set of worms? (Inclusive of Wi-Fi team)

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I want to post my save files online here on GameFAQs soon. The save files has all medals on the first row (Meaning 100% complete). However, I want to keep my personal teams as a secret and NOT reveal anything about them. I want to sort of reset the game to original without using the in-game one as it resets your progress too.

So, can you help me? I will keep my promise that I will post my save file if you guys can help me.
I will need all the details of all 10 teams and the Wi-Fi team. This includes the flag, graveyard, speech bank, victory dance, skin color, fort, worms' names, etc.
Doesn't matter if you can't tell me everything accurately, I just want a rough basis.

Thanks in advance.
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No one knows the original set of worms? Not even a single info?