For the Worms!

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4 years ago#21
This actually is a decent DS game honestly.

Also yeah I've just been playing whenever myself.
4 years ago#22
Seems I've been here before.
4 years ago#23
Must stay alive... my other ones died sad face
Master Bumper
4 years ago#24
Worms one of the best games ever.
Master Bumper
4 years ago#25
Never played it.
4 years ago#26
Well you probably should, never played a single one?
Master Bumper
4 years ago#27
3 years ago#28
Well, if you have a DS, just buy this game and we could have some matches goin
Master Bumper
3 years ago#29
Master Bumper
3 years ago#30
Even more phew
Master Bumper

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