Here are some Golden seed wonder mail codes! (more coming soon)

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Heres some missions for Golden seeds in Mt.Bristle( Eight in total )

The mission is outlaw arrest, the client is blastoise and the outlaw is Lotad(i made it a easier pokemon to defeat)

4479 QJ@- NM0%
TP7+ 9RHK 12T9

+867 23-1 M=HR
4&S6 Y65R MM0S

@Q24 FT7C J4+8
M9@S 0X%& S5X2

8=MR KJ8& @=1J
#Q71 0R0K &FRR

%H99 2&N5 3MTR
6@-3 4NF6 5H25

K0K5 #9P5 3R-T

K0K5 #9P5 3R-T

N9@W YPQY 19Y2
8F%@ CSHM F2Q%

And thats it, if you want some more wonder mail codes for other special items(golden mask,icy flute,miracle chest,ect)e-mail me at and ill try to get back to you as soon as possible and have fun with these codes for now and later on ill put more.

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heres some more golden seed wonde mail codes

=10= T@@K 9KMF 1X1C C#%F YNR+

X#80 JRFR K109 -KS9 Q6=% 0QMS

=XH1 1-94 2C3N 5RNY +H#N 7P75

70RF &F16 #M#@ 7K1X @J=1 RC&W

R3=1 T=Y4 4%JK 1Q5N T=M% -H#W

%JF6 6JR# NYX3 K16C F969 &@#H

just tell me if these are wrong and ill double check

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here are some wonder mail codes for wonder chest and miracle chest (i dont even know what these chests are for )

W942 5@%9 2RC4
TNK6 XY7N X=8=

-NS2 P+=Q HR-%
34F3 6PTJ 5Q31

F0Q- X&%5 &2MF
K-11 FJC+ MT-%

R4#R +32P 0=1W

=P5K =5@= -R+C

3Q5T TW61 F%CM
N3PJ %+P2 T&Y8

X@N# PJ@6 86XY
22@3 @X#2 #6T2

+FY@ FC-# 74+8

Have fun and enjoy tell me if these are wrong and ill put another one!

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We know you're using the generator. Just give the link if you're going to use it.
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fine fine here it is

happy have fun but i just want to help u guys so u dont waste ur own time so ya have fun then

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Obvious use of the Wondermail Generator is obvious.
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obvious of whhaatttt?
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Obvious you're using it?
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Hurry to find the wondermail of Golden seeds