Treecko, Bulbasaur or Turtwig?

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User Info: Frozen_Viper

6 years ago#1
Which one's the best partner for Pikachu?

User Info: GrandRoxas101

6 years ago#2
Well, bulbasuar has a lot of status moves like poison sleep stun powder and a move called synthesis which heals him depending on the wheather. Treekco can learn Bullet seed, dig (which is really powerful)Hyper beam, those are the only good moves I can think of right now. Turtwig lears energy ball mega absorb and forest frenzy these are all the good moves I can remeber right now. Don't 4get there r TM's all over the place.
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User Info: Ratchet_Fan8

6 years ago#3
Treecko for LEADER
Bulbasaur for partner

Turtwig is good too

User Info: Lainge

6 years ago#4
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