Wonder Mail Generator!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#11theadventisme(Topic Creator)Posted 5/7/2008 11:58:48 PM
prolly you have to beat post story sadly u.u i really dont know....i havent tried getting and legendaries yet cuz...well....i think they're stupid xDD but beside my feelings, did you beat darkrai by any chance?
#12ttaammyyxxPosted 5/8/2008 12:13:30 AM
yes i did
you have to in order to evolve your starters
mine evolved sceptile and charizard
#13theadventisme(Topic Creator)Posted 5/8/2008 12:21:35 AM
alright ummm do you have the 2 item things you need for legendaries? The mystery part and the something slab? lol
#14firerulaPosted 5/8/2008 1:24:22 AM
This news is like a week old now......(and theres also an A-OK generator)
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#15glimmer98Posted 5/8/2008 5:32:13 AM
people. the wondermail generator is already all over this board. STOP POSTING IT.
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#16HikaruYamiPosted 5/8/2008 5:45:09 AM
Yeah, the wondermail generator was made AND discovered a full two and a half days before you posted it.

You can be sure NONE of the credit is going to you, TC.
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#17MidagoPosted 5/8/2008 6:02:35 AM
Life easier? All he is doing is letting the cheaters cheat even more.
#18GameGuy777Posted 5/8/2008 6:42:38 AM
First of all, this news is covered in mold, and it's not really cheating unless your getting 99 golden seeds, or 99 steroids, I mean proteins. And the real cheating is ARs. Also, the generator warns you if the code can freeze the game.

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#19TheAlanEdgeHeadPosted 5/8/2008 6:43:26 AM
Life easier? All he is doing is letting the cheaters cheat even more.

It's not cheating. If it's not using an external device, it's not real cheating. Exploiting the game, but hardly cheating.
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#20TheAlanEdgeHeadPosted 5/8/2008 6:46:28 AM
First of all, this news is covered in mold

That joke is what's really covered in mold.
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