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8 years ago#1
is there any tips for beating marowak dojo and recruiting its legendaries?
8 years ago#2
If you mean the Final Maze, then get the wondermail for the Golden Mask. Try and be level 70+, then it'll be a sinch. (I think you need the Mystery Part too, also from Wondermail)
8 years ago#3
(forgot to add this in first post!)
is there a way to get western cave and mewtwo in EoT?
8 years ago#4
you cant take anything into the final maze.
8 years ago#5
Oh ya, sorry. I forgot o.o I would suggest being high a level as possible then. Western Cave doesn't exist in Time / Darkness. Mewtwo is only found in Mystery Dungeon Darkness. Time players get Celebi. not pink :(
8 years ago#6
Just level up as much as possible with good pokemon that have a decent moveset, high IQ, etc. Also, have a leader with fast friend IQ (helps recruit pokemon). And if want Mewtwo now, you need an AR.
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8 years ago#7
grr...i was hoping there would be a wondermail code for him of something...oh well.
8 years ago#8
does anyone have any tips for beating marowak dojo and recruiting its legendaries?
8 years ago#9
There will soon be a wi-fi mission for mewtwo in America just like the one in Japan
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8 years ago#10
I've made a FAQ fore Marowak's dojo, but it's too small :(
My name is wander :P

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