anyone play on hamachi?

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User Info: ultimate26

8 years ago#1
they say that relic online really stinks, bad ranking system and it lags like hell, anyone want to play for fun?

join server CoH Opposing Fronts 16
pass is coh

*begins to dance for no friggin' reason*

User Info: DecompostingRug

8 years ago#2
it doesn't stink online, hamachi is just for people who pirate the game, you can be honest.

User Info: call of duty

call of duty
8 years ago#3
I just played a game and now remember why I hate Relic Online.

1v1 Wehr vs. US, I was Wehr. US dude made around 5 snipers, which I all killed by mid-game with 2 bikes rushing into his base. He then starts ranger spamming and saying "u suck" even though I'm winning. Later on I base rush him with 2 panthers and an ostwind, he proceeds to drophack me.

Yeah, what was your hamachi server again?

Oh and if anyone is complaining about how to counter sniper/ranger spam, you might want to see my replay. Its not perfect, I made many mistakes (some huge, like losing 2 Pumas to an MG with AP rounds >.<)
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User Info: ultimate26

8 years ago#4
cool, someone who understands eh?

hamachi is great when u want to play in peace with your friends.

just google it and youll find it :)
*begins to dance for no friggin' reason*

User Info: Vayrand

8 years ago#5
it appears your server is full atm? according to what hamachi said. Your server is still around and running though?

User Info: SimplexMu

8 years ago#6
Drophacking doesn't matter if you're just playing basic matches. If you're playing in ranked, they do keep track how many times a person has had disputes(connection errors like disconnection during games). So when someone does drophack a lot, they will still get the loss. Not perfect, but in no way is relic just sitting there doing nothing.

User Info: aloisabreu

8 years ago#7

play with me at hamachi

here :

name: coh_of_2009

password: 74

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