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8 years ago#1
I herd that i need a rex bone,and also where are those pictures in the lobby?once i called"1155Mystico"and the phone started ringing,but there was no chat box.i found this note book in a burnt looking place,what does it mean?(P.S. Thanks to who ever answers it)
8 years ago#2
The notebook you found is the key to the rex bone. You have to collect the laundry (Nancy keeps a washcloth from each person) and go down to the basement after everyone else is sleeping to get Ollie's work rag then get Isis to Identify who the book belongs to (you have been to the cabin at the end of the trail where you found the book, right? - that's where you get to meet Isis and find out about her from a journal that someone who used to live there kept).

After you've been to that cabin, you should get a note saying to come to the sauna - you'll get the pictures back then, but you'll also get trapped in there and have to do a pipe puzzle to get the cold water back on before you pass out.
8 years ago#3
Thanks,Bill gave me the pictures,but do you put them in the frames?Then when I get the towels,do I put them in the laundrey bag?(What do you know about The Legend of the Crystal Skull?)
8 years ago#4
I was playing with the game and found out it was Lou who took the bone!Now I have some more questions.

1#Where are the vaults?

2#Where do I find the pig coin?

3#How do I open Trapper Dans Needle?

4#In the lobby,why are the goat and moose eyes glowing green?

5#where is Trapper Dans hide out?(Or is the cabin his hide out?)

6#What use is the grigocounter besides finding the wolf coin?
8 years ago#5
OK, first post first -
No, you don't have to put the pictures in the frames. When you've got the notebook, read the journal and know that Isis can help identify its owner -
1 - go back to the Lodge, set your alarm for a time when everyone is sleeping and go down to the basement and collect Ollie's work rag - go back to bed til 8am.

2 - go down and collect the laundry bag and go back upstairs - you may find that no one's put out their cleaning signs - if not - go back to bed (keep the laundry bag - don't drop it down the chute). You'll have to set your alarm twice - once gets you up at 8pm the second gets you up at 8am - the signs should be out now (if not, keep sleeping till they are!)

3 - When you go to the first room - make the bed and go to pick up the towels, Nancy will say "I think that I'll keep one of these washcloths." She'll keep one from each room and they're in your inventory with the initials of the person they belong to.

I have played Crystal Skull and will be working on a walkthrough for it when I finish the one for this game.
8 years ago#6
Your second post -

Answer to #4 - they are made of uranium and have no other significance.

Answer to #5 - the cabin is Trapper Dan's hideout.

Answer to #1, #2, #3 - You need the rex bone - the rex bone goes into that plaque on the wall of the cabin and opens a little door with a puzzle that you have to solve to open the big door into the area that will give you access to the rest of what you need to get the pig medal and open up Trapper Dan's Needle.
8 years ago#7
Oh, yeah, I forgot about the geiger counter - so can you.
8 years ago#8
Thank you sooooooooo mutch!!!Sorry to put you through all the trouble.
8 years ago#9
Ubove the vaults,I found a way into the needle.I saw the panels with the animals on them.Me,being so exited and so stupid,shoved the wolf coin in there and won't come out.I need to get those panels open.Please help!!!( I found the pig coin.)
8 years ago#10
Don't worry about the wolf medal being stuck in the slot by the door - it won't hurt anything.

Now that you have the pig medal, you have to go play some games of Fox and Geese with Bill Kessler. When you ask him to play, you will get the option to ask to play with the little pig medal you found - do it. It replaces the fox, then you have to trap the pig medal at least three times - once on the side with the raccoon picture, once on the side with the moose picture and once on the side with the pig picture - if you trap in the same side more than once, it won't hurt anything either and if you trap it in the side with the wolf picture, it won't change anything. You'll just have to play more than three games to accomplish what you need to - opening the gates that block the other tunnels that Isis needs to get into to flip those switches at the end of each.

When those gates are open, you can send Isis in to flip the switch and that uncovers the other three slots up by the door. When they're open, you put each medal where it belongs, then open the door - you're almost done at that point.

My recommendation is that you save your game after each time that you trap the pig where you want it while playing Fox and Geese. That way you don't have to worry about anything happening so that you have to replay them.

By the way, you said you have the pig medal, but have you found the other two? You have to them also.

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