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User Info: gameduck2

7 years ago#1
I find that the "spirit energy" is pretty annoying. I wonder when this will end? It is not good to have a hero with a rotting heart all the time!

User Info: Stuflames

7 years ago#2
It's with you for pretty much the whole game, sorry.

Suppress + spirits is your friend, it only requires a little management when you go the suppression route and can be indefinitely maintained.
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User Info: aamph

7 years ago#3
one simple solution. Cheat

*** SPOILERS ****

I made a huge mistake. Once I got the furnace I ate every spirit in there. Devoured em all... MWAHAHAHHA. But then I discovered I was insatiable in my spirit hunger. I couldn't even suppress. You can only do it once per day.

I'd get back maybe 20 points of spirit energy after supressing. Which I did around a bunch of provoked spirits. But then to rest and get another suppression back, I'd die. So I just started using the cheat to refill my spirit meter.

Once My appetite is suppressed enough I fully intend to stop cheating. But I had no save game to revert to that would allow me to not have eaten all those spirits.... oops.

To me, I absolutely hate this game dynamic. I was ready to quit the game before I found the cheat

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