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7 years ago#1
Does anyone know if the Ace Combat 6 joystick and hotas throttle will work with black shark? It'd be awesome if it did.
7 years ago#2
Only one way to find out, buy it and try it. I must admit though that I do scratch my head anytime I hear someone say that they bought the Ace Edge for AC6. I mean it just doesnt make sense, it's an arcade game and you bought a flight stick and throttle for it?

Anyways if it does work with DCS then at least you didnt waste your money on it.
7 years ago#3
So is everything except for the real deal. Why buy a flightstick for "sims". They're still just a recreation. Yeah, it's "close" to the real thing, but it's still not. So I can ask the same question and scratch my head when you say you've bought a Saitek joystick for Black Shark. The point is immersion, a sense of connection with the game.
7 years ago#4
Oh and thanks for the assumption that I "wasted my money". That's not for you to decide.
7 years ago#5
The difference is in the flight models. Ace Combat simply isnt on the same level as real flight sims. You dont NEED a stick for it.

You'll understand where Im coming from when and if you get your hands on DCS: BS
7 years ago#6

Man, you are just a jerk. And thanks for not supplying an answer that you already knew about. I saw where you commented on someone elses thread about the Ace Edge not working with another PC game due to the rudder and throttle being mapped to the z-axis. But thanks for not putting that in this thread. I appreciated it.

So for anyone else out there wondering. There is not collective or rudder control with the Ace Edge.

And Malkovich, it's not about the flight model that makes the joysticks "necessary" or worth the money, it's still about immersion. The games don't require them, correct. Ace Combat didn't "need" it, but neither does any PC game for that matter.

7 years ago#7
Couldnt be more wrong. You simply cannot fly the Blackshark, or any other high fidelity sim without a stick.
7 years ago#8

You certainly could. It wouldn't be any good, but you could do it. You could use a gamepad and make it work with keyboard inputs. But once again, it wouldn't be any good or fun for the user. But again, the point being that you are simply ridiculous.

7 years ago#9
Yeah, Im ridiculous because I understand flight sims have to be played with a stick. Have you ever played a real sim before? I think not
7 years ago#10
They still don't "have to be" played with a stick. They are significantly and perhaps infinitely better with one (being that that is the manner in which they are meant to be played), but you've still missed the point.
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