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Cool game 1 question before buying (Archived)NotRegret16/30/2011
disc protection? (Archived)kaem7912/6/2011
Lost Planet 2 coming to PC in October (Archived)thepenguin5529/2/2010
Somebody help me!! I keep on getting User Authentication Failed! Please help!! (Archived)ChronoGuile16/22/2010
Is this anything like monster hunter? (Archived)NeoSpringy13/25/2010
Isenberg: Lame boss fight, or lamest boss fight? (Archived)ogresamanosuke12/13/2010
Crash at startup... (Archived)tipidPC110/11/2009
Err0a failed to open file? (Archived)_Killzor_110/10/2009
Problem with Mission 01: Cave is Completely Empty, No Boss! (Archived)Nxss-effa-sim29/13/2009
After selecting (Mission-Select), what does (Unlimited-Mode) mean? (Archived)McGuirex318/25/2009
show keyboard buttons insted of xbox? (Archived)NoFX402137/2/2009
For those who've seen Star Trek (spoilers) (Archived)fatboysrus200935/24/2009
Help in colonies edition! (Archived)biffosos15/20/2009
What is friggin wrong with steam? (Archived)robotzombie25/6/2009
This game destroyed my power supply (Archived)
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King Moogle134/24/2009
User authentication failed error... (Archived)CowDungs14/20/2009
the colonies board is dead so... (Archived)astrobacon13/21/2009
Multiplayer Stimulus Topic (Archived)level9dragon43/18/2009
Getting considerable lag in snow levels (Archived)DNShepard43/16/2009
Lost Planet: PC Mouse Sensitivity / Controls -- a fix! (Archived)
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