What is your favorite Godot quote?

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8 years ago#31
"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link" or something.
Here is the noob in its natural habitat.
8 years ago#32
"We are all accomplices to something, this time it just happens to be murder."
Or something to that effect.
Take 5, add 4, multiply it by 7, divide it by 9, add 12, subtract 10, add 1, subtract 10. That's the number of people you should trust.
8 years ago#33
*drinks coffee*


There was more malice in its button eyes than should have been possible in something that had never known life.
8 years ago#34

good one
"I must be a freak magnet"
8 years ago#35
Wow that's sure lotsa quotes...

But you guys seems to missed out one common one...

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8 years ago#36
I did my own investigating, Godot-style.

I dont care if its profound or not, that line is jus awesome
8 years ago#37

*Phoenix is seen with coffee splattered over him, priceless expression on face*
And if the band you're in starts playin different tunes...
I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon...
8 years ago#38
its not really a quote but when you present evidence that gives him issues for the first time when he sips the coffee and then suddenly downs it really fast, it was pretty awesome. I like how his " oh crap " animations sneak up on you like that
"The only philosophy that is always right is that no philosophy is always right"
8 years ago#39
Once you prove that Victor Kudo is an unreliable witness-
"All it takes is a single drop of milk to ruin the pure black magic in the cup!"
Sanity is a fine line, and every day i run by it, screaming, with scissors.-Red Mage (8BT)
8 years ago#40
"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains must be the truth"


Didn't Sherlock Holmes say that or something? o.o

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