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8 years ago#1
1.) Guitar Compatibility?
*a.) RB?
*b.) ps2 guitars?
*c.) ps2 gh on ps3?
2.) Where is dlc?
*a.)What songs are avaliable?
*b.) What songs are coming up to download?
*c.) How do i play dlc songs?
3.) how do i beat XX song?
*a.) general tips
*b.) Tips for going to hard?
*c.) Raining Blood
*d.) TTFAF
*e.) One
*f.) Lou
4.) Whats new?
5.) Rock band or Guitar hero?
6.) How do i put in codes?
7.) What codes can i put in?
8.) What is hyperspeed?
9.) FC? what's that?
10.) How do i connect my guitar hero account to
11.) Whats the 4/5 star limit for XX song?
12.) What rockers are available in this game?
13.) How do i get Through The Fire and Flames(TTFAF)?
14.) How do i get Beastie boys/I played online and saw some songs that I didnít have, are they online only??

1.) Guitar Compatibility
a.) RB?

Sorry, Rock band guitars won't work on Guitar hero, for any version.

Guitar hero guitars will not work on the ps3 version of rock band, activision blocked the patch because harmonix/mtv/ea wouldn't accept their 'terms'.

b.) ps2 guitars?
PS2 guitars will not work at all without an adapter of some sort. There is a ps2 to usb adapter (be sure you dont accidentally by a ps/2 to usb which is the port old mouse use), Even with the adapter it won't work perfectly, hammer ons and pull offs won't work, and you'll need to hit select for star power.

For a little more in depth explanation check this link

c.) ps2 gh on ps3?
Again, no. Since the ps3 guitar uses a usb dongle, when you run in emulation mode of your ps2 it doesn't detect it as a controller. That means you can not play guitar hero, guitar hero 2, or guitar hero rock the 80's on your ps3.

2.) Where is dlc?

You can find it on the psn. access the psn via XMB. For the older content that wont be on the front page anymore, go to view all, g, guitar hero 3and youíll find it all there.

a.)What songs are available?
Foo Fighters pack - $6.25 usd, contains "All my Life", "The Pretender", and "this is a call"
Velvet Revolrer pack - $6.25 usd, contains "She builds quick machines", "Slither", and "Messages"
Boss Battle Pack - Free, contains the boss battle songs to be available in quick play
Holiday 2007 singe - free, contains "We Three Kings"

b.) What songs are coming up to download?
Nothing official, but several songs/packs on XBL were supposed to be on PSN by December, activision has made no official announcement however.

c.) How do i play dlc songs?
when you're on the set list hit the orange fret, they will be listed there

3.) how do i beat XX song?

a.) general tips
The general advice, practice, practice, practice. Find a song you enjoy playing with some difficult parts and just keep at it. Work on strumming up and down(alt strumming), hitting the notes with a white circle(hammer ons/pull offs) without strumming them, and just work on keeping the beat.

b.) Tips for going to hard?
Some will say to start off holding the bottom four frets and reach for the green one with your pointer finger. though this is an easier way to handle hard, it will create bad habits for expert.

it's best to just suffer though it and learn to slide. Leave your hands as you did on easy/medium and slide your entire hand down to hit orange with your pinky. I again advice finding a song you enjoy listening to and playing it. As it will help with the frustration, it will seem impossible at first. However eventually you'll realize you're no longer thinking about were your hand is you just know it's were it needs to be.
8 years ago#2
c.) Raining Blood

For starters I hate this song. Like above practice, go into practice mode specifically. Work on hitting both SP phases going into it so when you get in trouble you can use it.

If you just want to 'get past it' don't worry about hitting all the notes, just hit enough. focus in on the orange fret and make sure you always hit it. Keep at it, and sooner or later you'll get past it. Also you might not need to worry about hitting the chords if you can do well enough, just keep at it and sooner or later youíll pass.

For the intro there are 3 basic things you can do

1.) Get nimble fingers, hold down the green fret always and hit the others as they come by, just a quick hit then let go and move on to the next

2.) 'tapping' which is using both hands on the frets, strum the first note with your elbow and have it. You should have the green and red frets with one hand, and the other 3 with your other hand.

3.) "rubber band" a little cheap, and cheating to some. use a rubber band to hold down the green fret and just focus on the rest. remove it once your done with the intro.

e.) One

pray. no not really. As always, practice practice practice. I'd head into practice mode so you can avoid the 5 minutes before the solo. make sure you have a full sp and just move your little fingers as quickly as possible. Use practice mode to get used to the movement, and good luck.

F.) Lou
Battle mode, not my favorite new feature but it's there so lets deal with it.

The easiest way to beat lou, get a whammy bar and use it on the fast green section. Add in double and it's almost instant win...if you last that long. Battle mode is a lot of luck, lefty flip is very lame -.-

4.) Whats new?
For some reason activision felt we needed a story, so there is a tiny story of you advancing as a rocker.

Battle mode - Instead of star power you get power ups to use against your opponent making their part of the song harder to play. The person who loses their rock meter first loses the match

Co-op career - Play through a partial set list with you and a friend. one is bass/rhythm the other is lead.

Online - Play with or against people online (no co-op career online, but you can co-op quick play)

5.) Rock band or Guitar hero?

Your music taste will play a large factor into this. Rock band has a more varied selection, Guitar hero has more rock songs. I personally prefer GH list to Rb, others will disagree.

In general though it comes down to will you mostly be playing on your own, or with friends or family. GH is a better single player and even 2 player game. It's got a higher level of difficulty and again with my preference more enjoyable songs to play.

Rock band is great with 3 or 4 people though, it's tons of fun, still has a lot of good songs, has more customization options and the world tour is just plain fun to do. Keep in mind both won't be offering a second guitar until February and Rock band cost $70 more for a drum set and usb mic.

6.) How do i put in codes?
just go to the main menu in guitar hero, options, codes, and hit enter codes.

From here you can enter the codes by pressing the button and strumming it. you can also do some free style rock if you're bored.

7.) What codes can i put in?

Maybe i should list them, but it's just easier to link.
8 years ago#3
8.) What is hyperspeed?
Hyperspeed isn't what it might sound like, it makes the fret board move faster. The pace of the song stays the same so don't worry. What this does is makes the gaps between notes larger making it easier for some people to see what note to press during fast solos. Keep in mind since there is more space between notes, that means there are less notes on the screen meaning you can't plan as far ahead and see the note as early.

Some love it, some don't. I'd recommend trying it if you're stuck on a fast solo.

9.) FC? Whatís that?
FC means full combo, or hitting every note in the song without breaking the combo(yes you can hit every note and not fc as in you can hit an extra note to break your combo but still hit all the notes your supposed to).

10.) How do i connect my guitar hero account to
from the gh main menu go to online, then select, this will give you your code number.

Then create an account on via a browser, go to link account(a drop down under select actions... found under your log in name) select ps3, enter your psn name and add the gh3 number from your ps3 and submit. Now your stats will be recorded on your guitar hero account.

11.) Whatís the 4/5 star limit for song XX?

For this, score hero is your friend. in general an average multiplier of 2.0 is 4* and 2.8 is 5*

12.) What rockers are available in this game?
From the previous games Johnny Napalm, Judy Nails, Axel Steel, Izzy Sparks, Casey Lynch, Lars ‹mlaŁt, Xavier Stone.

New to gh 3, Midori a Japanese school girl look. Also the legends of Slash, Tom Morello, and Lou Ė the devil.

Then you can unlock the Grim Reaper and God Of Rock, note the ps3 version of the game does not have Elroy or buckethead, those are only in the ps2 and wii version.

13.) How do i get Through The Fire and Flames(TTFAF)?

compete any career mode on any difficulty or use the unlock all cheat.

14.) How do i get Beastie boys/I played online and saw some songs that I didnít have, are they online only?

Several songs are unlocked only via the co-op career mode, which is very lame since they didn't release a stand alone guitar to by.

Either have a friend who also bought gh3 for his ps3 to come over with their guitar.
have a friend play on the guitar while you play on the sixaxis(or switch around)
use the unlock all songs cheat
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8 years ago#4
someone needs to sticky this

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8 years ago#5
Yeh seriously get this stickied.
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8 years ago#6
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8 years ago#7

A sticky plz
8 years ago#8
"note the ps3 version of the game does not have Elroy or buckethead, those are only in the ps2 and wii version."

i thought it was metalhead. if its buckethead, i'll buy the game again for PS2.
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8 years ago#9
it is metal bad :(
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8 years ago#10
while(stupidity == true){
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