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Read this before asking questions!

Q: What is that song in the Guitar Hero commercial?
A: The song is Slither by Velvet Revolver. It can only be obtained via purchasing the Velvet Revolver pack off of Xbox Live for 500 MSP.

Q: Whatís the deal with the guitars?
A: The X-Plorer and Les Paul both work for GH2 and GH3. The Les Paul is wireless and has a black faceplate. They also both work for Rock Band, however the Stratocaster does not work for Guitar Hero.

Q: What does FC mean?
A: Full Combo. This is when you hit each and every note in a song without overstrumming. This would mean that you maintain your combo throughout the entire song.

Q: What does overstrum mean?
A: Itís when you strum too many times. IE, you have to hit one note, but you strum twice.

Q: What does the whammy bar do?
A: The whammy bar increases the star power gained from held notes which are part of a star power phrase. If you whammy the note and it turns blue, youíre gaining star power from it. Contrary to popular belief, whammying held notes does not directly increase your score, and all you have to do when extracting star power is make sure that the note glows blue. Whammying more energetically wonít change the amount of star power that you get.

Q: What are hammer-ons and pull-offs? How do they work?
A: Hammer-ons and pull-offs, frequently shortened to HO/POs, can be performed on notes that glow and lack black outlines. They allow you to hit a note by merely fretting it, instead of fretting it and then strumming.

Q: What is the hardest song in Guitar Hero?
A: It is generally accepted to be one of these:
Through The Fire And Flames (also known as TTFAF)
The Devil Went Down To Georgia (also known as TDWDTG)
Keep in mind that TDWDTG refers specifically to the version you can download for free off of Xbox Live, not the boss battle itself that takes place at the end of the career mode.

Q: How do I unlock Through The Fire And Flames?
A: Beat career mode on any difficulty and it will appear in your bonus songs.

Q: What is alt strumming?
A: Alt strumming(or double strumming) is when you grab the strum bar with two fingers and jiggle it up and down. You can increase your speed at alt strumming by holding only the end of the bar and making small movements rather than large ones.

Q: Iím terrible at alt strumming.
A: Practice. Practice on songs like The Seeker and Barracuda that you can probably finish with only down strums.

Q: How do I get past Knights of Cydonia/3ís and 7ís/Holiday in Cambodia?
A: Practice your alt strumming.

Q: How do I beat Lou?
A: On Hard, the only solution is to practice. Make sure youíre saving up your attacks, and unleashing them one at a time. As soon as an attack wears off, hit him with another one. On Expert, it may be necessary to try many, many times. One simple tactic is to keep playing the song until the very first attack you obtain is the whammy. As soon as you get it, count to 4, and a long string of green notes should appear on Louís notechart. As soon as this happens, hit him with the whammy attack. He should fail the song, if only just barely.
Q: How do I beat One?
A: When the fast solo comes up, activate star power. Alt strum and move your fingers as fast as you can.

Q: How do I beat Raining Blood?
A: Practice Mosh 1. Try strumming each orange note, and ignore the chords.

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8 years ago#2
Q: How do I beat Through The Fire And Flames?
A: Assuming youíre having trouble with the intro, the most normal way to beat it would be to keep your index finger on green, and then touch the other frets with your remaining fingers as fast as you can. Remember not to hold the buttons down, except for green. Practice mode will help a lot. There are also tapping and rubber band techniques which can help you.

Q: What is tapping?
A: Tapping is a technique where, on long strings of hammer-ons and pull-offs, you use both hands on the fretboard. On TTFAF, you should use your left hand to fret the green and red notes, and your right hand for all the others. Strum the first note with your elbow.

Q: What is the rubber band method?
The rubber band method involves the use of a rubber band wrapping around your green fret for the intro to Through The Fire And Flames. The rubber band frees up your fingers for use on the other frets. After the intro, pause and remove the band, then continue the song as normal. Be warned that this is sometimes considered cheating, as it uses outside assistance to complete the song.

Q: Iím stuck on a song not listed above.
A: Practice. Practice it on varying speeds. Try playing other songs for a while, then come back to it. Remember, getting frustrated will never help you.

Q: What are the stars based on?
A: Technically speaking, itís based on score(see the next question). You may also see people talking about the average multiplier(found in the ďMore StatsĒ section at the end of the song). If your average multiplier is above 2.0, you will receive 4 stars. If it is above 2.8, you will receive 5. Average multiplier and score are extremely related concepts.

Q: How does average multiplier work?
A: Average multiplier is based on two factors. The first factor is the song. Each song has a certain number of notes. A given number of those notes will offer more than the standard 50 points, because they are chords, or held notes. When you add up the total amount of points you can obtain from these notes with no multipliers attached, you get the songís base score. However, during play you will obtain multipliers by way of hitting many notes in a row or using star power, which means you will always have a score above the songís base score. Your score divided by the songís base score will give you your average multiplier.

Q: What is Easy Expert?
A: Easy Expert increases the timing window for notes. That is, it gives you more time to fret and strum for any given note.

Q: What is Precision Mode?
A: The opposite of Easy Expert. You have to be more accurate when hitting notes.

Q: What is Hyperspeed?
A: Hyperspeed is a code that changes the appearance of the notechart. The notes will scroll by faster, but will be more spaced out, making them easier to see. Finding a hyperspeed setting that is comfortable for you can be very helpful.

Q: Iíve seen a character in gameplay videos who does not appear in my game. How do I get them?
A: Leroy and Metalhead are only available in the PS2 and Wii versions of the game.

Q: I purchased all of the guitars and didnít receive the achievement. Whatís up with that?
A: You have to purchase ALL of the guitars, which includes the ones unlocked by doing things like 5 starring every song on expert co-op.

Q: I wanted to play _____, but I canít find it in the career mode or bonus songs!
A: Itís probably a co-op song. Use the ďUnlock All SongsĒ cheat and play it in quick play.

Q: Whatís that song on the main menu that has kind of a spooky intro?
A: Monsters. Itís a co-op encore.
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Whoops, it's Elroy, not Leroy.
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Bump. It'd be nice if we had a sticky, this board sorely needs one.
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sticky icky
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8 years ago#6
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8 years ago#7
Hopefully this should cut down on a few of the same old noob topics. Hopefully it gets stickied ASAP
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8 years ago#8
Sticky Request is made. Good job.
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w00t w00t! :D
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Remember guys, click on "Message Detail" in the original post and request a sticky. They're usually a pretty big help, even if they don't resolve the repetitive questions completely.
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