ObsCure 3 is in development stages.

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8 years ago#1
Yes it's true, I've browsed around the net and, surprise surprise, I've found a blog that tells you that Joshua Swanson has confirmed that Hydravision is going to hire him once more for ObsCure 3, but also, here comes the interesting part.


Yes, you read that right, ObsCure 3 is in the development stage right now and they're seriously thinking in putting the franchise on the DS with all new storyline.

Joshua's possible confirmation -http://racooncitytimes.blogspot.com/2007/10/little-tidbit-possibly-confirming.html?showComment=1210710960000#c363342146475692718

That's all for now, I'll be looking at more info on this.:)
8 years ago#2
Very cool to hear there may be an Obscure 3. But I really wish it would be on PS2/PS3...:(
8 years ago#3
DS and a new storyline?

Jill Valentine > You
8 years ago#4
ds.. who cares about DS, ds sucks when the rest of the games were ps2/comp/xbox
8 years ago#5
Well...I don't know. If they get rid of the co-op element, though, I don't think I'll care to play it.
With the light of justice, I will smite all evil!
8 years ago#6

Yeah, it'll take away co-op too, more than likely. I don't like the idea of a new storyline either. >.> **Aftermath Spoilers** What about Shannon and Stan? Is Amy alive or dead? And the "child?" I dunno...I don't care for it.

More than likely, I'll play it anyways...because it's Obscure but still. It seems that (from this board alone) it's not well received among Obscure fans. :P Who knows, maybe they're trying to reel in new fans by starting fresh...but Obscure has a small fanbase already, I'd say. Why ruin it with a lame addition to the series?

8 years ago#7
the only reason this got "boring" is that everybody beat it and stopped posting on this fourm and played/got a life
8 years ago#8
/\ Pretty much that /\

Obscure: Learn About Fear's longevity came from it's replayability.

One shot games really aren't that well received these days... not in a world of bonus features, alternate modes, and unlockables...
Jill Valentine > You
8 years ago#9
i hope they put it on xbox 360 this time
8 years ago#10
Hurgh! The follow up NEEDS online coop play.
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  3. ObsCure 3 is in development stages.

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