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StickyNeed help? Read this first!(spoiler free) V2 (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
ShinononoHouki574/4 6:42PM
Just started this game..and getting wrecked already (Archived)MoodyHoe51/28 12:30AM
Is there any use for DP/SP after you've completed all spheres ? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
MoodyHoe131/25 7:47AM
Just finished 3 routes and here is my thought about this game along with AT1 (Archived)MoodyHoe61/25 7:42AM
My game freezes at the very beginning (Archived)dctalk207512/17 6:13PM
Endings NO SPOILERS (Archived)rpgmadboy211/20 2:14AM
Some Questions about Phase 2 (minor spoiler) (Archived)BlackHayate4911/7 4:12PM
Some questions about Infel. (Archived)Kazkari310/24 1:59AM
How do I use the higher level attack? Or the lower branch of a song (Archived)SheenavsKilley310/14 1:47PM
Has anybody checked out the relocalisation project? (Archived)S3rialThrill3r48/19/2013
Luca/Cynthia L.2 Talk Topic (Archived)ker_plop17/13/2013
How do I use codebreaker to fix the Raki glitch? (Archived)Ultima_Ray37/4/2013
Places for multiple saves? (Archived)ker_plop36/25/2013
Which Reyvateil do you suggest for a single playthrough? Spoilers (Archived)Heavenboy8866/6/2013
These games can be so much better if the party is fully customizable... (Archived)CBWizard64/15/2013
Code to fix raki's freeze (Archived)EarlGreyXIII13/29/2013
Basic Equipment Vendors (Archived)Neodragoon200233/28/2013
Am I not getting this right? (Archived)Fa1nTy53/21/2013
A question about the CG in this this series (Archived)SkiethXInnis23/8/2013
What's the Dive Shop theme called? (Archived)SkiethXInnis22/7/2013
Multiple items/I.P.D. 100% support trick(spoilers) (Archived)YamiXx31/22/2013
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