scared about this..

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9 years ago#1

um...i have a windows vista xp and ive only put a few pictures on it....

so if i download it my computer wont start to go slow will it?(an acident with another game left me coputer-less,bruatly yelled at banned for a while from every thing i own(wii,new computer Ect.)and grounded)so could i get some answers?

9 years ago#2
A game shouldn't do anything bad to your computer. If it does, there was either something faulty in the game itself, or your computer has something wrong with it.

If your computer has done something weird before, then there's no way anyone can assure you this game won't either. But the fact that thousands of others have installed this game perfect on their first try shows that the game shouldn't mess anything up.
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9 years ago#3
how quick/long does the download prosses take??
9 years ago#4
at 700KO it take about 10-15min
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