franchise story

#1azdude11Posted 6/22/2008 4:37:29 PM
any1 interested? u will get to make ur own players in it......
the PS2 board isn't very active on this idea so i brought it to the attention of a greater board with a greater population. once i have about 15-20 sign-ups ill start it up in another topic where u can then start to make ur players. with ur name it would be nice if u put the name of the team u think the story should be about. the team with the greatest number of picks will be chosen. i've also decided to do this on all of the console boards to make a super franshise story like atmosphere. it will get everyone involved and liven up the madden boards a little the end wen all the signups are complete it will most likely be transferred (the story) to the XBOX 360 board.

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