VERY POOR Steering Wheel Support

#1dcook42Posted 2/24/2009 5:53:48 PM

Specifically, the Driving force GT by Logitech. This game is not officially supported by Logitech, but come on; an A list driving title should support all major steering wheels.

Yes, I did play around with the numerous options for wheels - for hours in fact - and I finally found what works best for me. However, in comparison to using this wheel on Gran Turismo 5... well, there is no comparison. To clarify, I'm not saying one game is better or worse than another. I'll leave that to you. I'm just venting about my frustration after purchasing a $150 wheel, and having a sublime experience on GT5, and the inability to get that same quality of "feel" in Grid.

I enjoy the game, and will probably play through it. However, I may do so with the gamepad.

In conclusion - to Logitech and to Codemasters... please work together to formulate a downloadable driver solution for the DF GT wheel. So many PS3 ownders have it, it should be taken for granted by me, the consumer, that these 2 products should work in perfect harmony. Make it happen, and you'll have many more happy custormers.



#2rollergoalie16Posted 2/25/2009 7:19:40 PM
I don't know, It literally took me under 10 minutes to fiddle around and find settings that suited me just fine. I agree that this game feels a little different than GT5, but I have absolutely no issues with the DFGT and Grid.

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#3VidsRulePosted 3/23/2009 9:00:09 PM
I had the same experience with the same equipment. But in the end, I loved GRID with DFGT.

It's just that GT is SO much different than GRID, and if you're used to GT, adjusting to GRID takes forever. Once I got used to it, it became amazing. But if I play GT for a couple hours then go back to GRID, I have to go through another period of adjustment. And I start hating the game until I get good again.

It's not that Wheel support is poor for GRID, it's just that the games are so different.

That was my experience anyways.
#4J_Mac23Posted 3/28/2009 7:58:33 PM
I agree
just got the game and the DFGT sucks but i did adjust it and it got better
#5galattiPosted 3/31/2009 9:37:41 AM
Post your wheel settings please
#6rollergoalie16Posted 3/31/2009 7:06:16 PM
Here are my GRID settings for my Driving Force GT. I have had great success with these settings and maybe they will help, it's worth a try.

Traction Control - on
Braking assist - off
Stability control - off

Force strength - 100
Force weight - 100
Effects strength - 100

Dead zone - 0
Steering saturation - 80
Steering linearity - 5
900 degree steering - off

I personally prefer using 220 degree steering instead of 900 degree steering because I can get the car to do what I want with less motion of the wheel. This option all comes down to personal preference. 900 degree steering is good, i'm just better and faster using the 220 degree steering.
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#7galattiPosted 3/31/2009 8:26:01 PM
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#8galattiPosted 3/31/2009 8:29:37 PM
Ok, first time I touched GRID I hated driving with DFP wheel. Default settings suck a lot! Petty! But with minor adjustments, it can be amazing. All I changed was
Steering saturation - 75 (more responsive on turns)
Steering linearity - 5 (to help in straight lines)
900 degree on (off it's too sensitive for me)

I'm loving the game now. If you have DFP try my settings and let us now!
#9bladezzzPosted 4/1/2009 3:31:49 AM
Here are my GRID settings for my G25. I have had great success (Wr's included) with these settings and maybe they will help, it's worth a try.

Traction Control - on
Braking assist - on
Stability control - on

Force strength - 30
Force weight - 20
Effects strength - 30

Dead zone - 0
Steering saturation - 35
Steering linearity - +1
Braking deadzone - 15%
900 degree steering - on

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