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7 years ago#1
one game i was in a guy on my team got 70 headshots in 1 game. How is that possible. I have heard of special headshot mods but I do not know much about them.
...And that's why they call it Christmas.
7 years ago#2
havent heard of this since COD2 on the PC.
7 years ago#3
yeah they have them. Theres nothing you can do except file complaints and hope he get caught. Clan like SAW and FaMous you want to avoid.. they cheat a lot
7 years ago#4
yeah but how do they work?
...And that's why they call it Christmas.
7 years ago#5
They make it so his sights locks on to the head hitbox.
7 years ago#6
^ what he said. I'm really not sure how it works. all I know is you can rack up a 40 kill streak in about 15 seconds
7 years ago#7
ugh this kid i know just got one...
all you need to know is its cheap and it ruins the fun
and yeah like the other dudes said it gets headshots automatically
and helps you get crazy killstreaks in seconds-minutes
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7 years ago#8
I played with an aimbot sometimes when I got really bored in Halo PC. I always did better when I turned it off.
7 years ago#9
Never happened to me.

I can handle rapid fire mods easily, but a headshot mod might be a different story.
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7 years ago#10
I don't want to get banned from this board with some of the language I could use to gripe about these non-dedicated Call of Duty 4 gamers. All I will say is this: "When you watch yourself get blown to bits -Every Single Time- you run across the opponents path" and then say going to switch up my class this guys whooping on me.....and yet again....POW!

Finally I switch to the P90 we meet up again. And it's not like I missed the last couple times and lost the fight. I was already in a state of curiosity about some of his then....after going through my phase of not watching the replays.....I watched one after I unloaded almost half a clip from my P90 into this dudes chest.....and he squeezed out maybe 5-10 rounds.

I watched the replay and watched this dude and his little mini-uzi put like 2 shots into me {{Funny thing was he couldnt even keep a clean shot on me Lmao, shaking like a meth head}} on the left and right of my chest.....and it said 'headshot'?! I was pissed!!! Ever since then I know exactly when it's happening....and i usually just leave the game, and look for a new match. And there are some questions I have about some of these Sniper Rifle kills ive been dealt as well. I know a good shot when i see a good shot. But some most certainly look curious. I hate it.......they should make a separate lobby for people who want to do that...haha.

I play for real, so that I know how I REALLY stack up against the competition. If all you little cheat punks want to know who the REAL deal cheats with yourselves.

Thanks ~ Have a Great Day!!!
I am still waiting for a Vagrant Story sequel.
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