I think I glitched the game...

#1XDoggStrafePosted 8/12/2011 7:14:39 AM
So as the title says, I think my friend and I glitched a save of Tag Force 2 somehow, since he has 100% on all boosters, and yet he's only got 99.8% completion from the binder (I've yet to spend THAT much time doing all this myself), so I'm wondering if it's because he downloaded cards (Thus the increase in % he can't actually get) or if these missing cards aren't in any pack, hence the 100% on each thing, or if his save is just as I stated, glitched and he's really got 98% on some random pack that's deciding to show up as 100%. I would have posted this in answers by the way, but...seems that this game is pretty dead, figured I'd ask here first.
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