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9 years ago#1
I am 46-1 in pressure cooker matches and they have me ranked 39th?

x Wharghoul x is my gamertag.

- end of line -
9 years ago#2
59-1 now and down to 40th place :(
9 years ago#3
unfortunately anyone who si 1-0 or 2-0 will rank higher than you...
I'm 3-0 in Ranked VS. matches and #1 in the world...Yet there are people who are like 17-1 who are ranked way down...makes no sense....
xbl tag - Gnarkiller44
8 years ago#4
Yeah..... I'm at 112-2 now in pressure cooker and I fell 4 spots to 44th........probably worse now, lol. oh well...... the tron 2.0 leaderboards for the regular xbox were the same way.

see you on the game grid.

x Wharghoul x
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