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User Info: D1421

4 years ago#1
Hi guys, when Conviction came out, I bought it and beat it for PC but there weren't any players available and at the time I didn't have xbox or ps3. Anyways, I recently bought it for XBOX 360 but need player that are willing to play co-op so I and you can get our co-op achievements.

Anyone interested? If so, give me your xbox id and for subject, I'll write down Conviction so you know it's me :)

BTW, I live out west. (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

User Info: v00d00b0b

4 years ago#2
Im currently replaying this too. Love this game so much.

GT- AquaticStatue
Gamertag - AquaticStatue

User Info: D1421

4 years ago#3
Yeah man it's definitely not the best of the best but its still up there. Personally, I like Chaos Theory - except I don't like the fact you could whistle in PT and CT. Made things a bit easier. Splinter Cell was much harder because whistle wasn't there.

User Info: D1421

4 years ago#4
I sent you Friend Request.

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