this is not a bad game at all

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User Info: Heartsnatcher

3 years ago#1
i just picked it up used and i ended up getting the LE with the tin case and art book for 10 bucks...

i have been so stuck up this past gen that i didn't even look twice at this game when it was announced

i havent played a splinter cell game since 1 and 2 on xbox, but when I tried double agent i pretty much gave up on the whole franchise.

now i feel bad that i ignored this game existence...

the gameplay is really good and the story is actually interesting...

i recommend that if you haven't played this game yet, at least check out a "Let's Play" of it or something and enjoy the show.

User Info: OgreRecruiter

3 years ago#2
I have it myself (Just got it last week.) Its really good. I like it. I am trying to beat the game on Realistic now.
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