Warning - Bug in first (7/26/07) pressing!

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9 years ago#1
8/1/2007 Bandai Namco news:

In the first pressing of Taiko no Tatsujin DS, there's a bug that can corrupt your game!

If you have three Players registered, DON'T dress all three in costumes, because that's what seems to cause the bug!

According to Bandai Namco, dressing up two Players should be okay, and they even show a picture of this.

They're planning to relase a fixed version sometime in September 2007.

So if you haven't gotten the game yet (like me!), you might want to wait for the fixed version. =^.^=

And if you already have the game, well, it sounds like all you have to do is avoid dressing up three players, and you'll be fine. Bandai Namco will be setting up some sort of exchange program later, but I don't know if people outside of Japan will be able to participate. So if you want to exchange for a fixed version, maybe asking the import store you bought the game from might be your best bet! =^.^=
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yeah i heard about this. i wont be making three files
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9 years ago#3
i think this is going to be a major lost for namco, they gotta manufacture all those new carts again and won't be able to price them.
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9 years ago#4
is there any point in laying all 3 save files
other than to share wif siblings or friends?

otherwise pple who play alone should be ok i guess
9 years ago#5
What's the bug exactly, is it like if you have three game saves with them all dressed it does not let you continue or something like that?
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from what i've read, yes.
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9 years ago#7
Ooo, someone stickied the topic! My first ever sticky topic! =^~^=

Oh and every import store I've checked is no longer selling the glitched version, so if you don't have the game yet, looks like you'll just have to wait for the fixed version! (like me!) =^.^=
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9 years ago#8
Good to know. I doubt I would have three files though, unless my brother made a file, AND if I lent the game to one of my friends.

Neither of which is likely to happen, but hey, you never know.
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9 years ago#9
I really don't see what's the point in having different accounts. Making new accounts would just restrict the player access to unlocked songs and costumes
9 years ago#10
Mrrm, looks like the Update Version is out! I got mine a couple days ago! Yay! =^~^=

The Update Version has a note on the cover art, so you'll know it's not the old version with the glitch. In the upper right area, under the picture of the two drumstick styli, there'll be a note (in Japanese) saying "Update Version". There's a picture of the old and new covers here:


And here too (same picture):

Also on that page, looks like they've set up an internet form and a toll free (in Japan) phone number for people wanting to exchange their old version for the Update Version. From the info they ask for on the form, it looks like it might be Japan only, though. =^.^=

So if you already have the old version game and want to make an exchange but you're not in Japan, contacting the import store you got the game from might be your best bet! Or if you don't wanna deal with the hassle of an exchange, if you just don't dress up three different player profiles (most of us won't ever use more than one or two profiles anyway!), you should be safe from the glitch. =^-^=

Oh and FYI, the place I got the game from still has the old cover art on their site, even though they have the Update Version now. Other stores might be the same, so if you wanna be sure they have the Update Version, you should e-mail them and ask, before you order!
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