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List of Voice Actors

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6 years ago#1
Source? The Credits. >____>

Cloud - Steve Burton
Chaos - Keith David
Sephiroth - George Newbern

*oddly followed by a gap* No really, they were separated.

Warrior of Light - Grant George
Firion - Johnny Yong Bosch
Onion Knight - Aaron Spann
Cecil - Yuri Lowenthal
Bartz - Jason Spisak
Terra - Natalie Lander
Squall - Doug Erholtz
Zidane - Bryce Papenbrook
Tidus - James Arnold Taylor

Garland - Christopher Sabat
The Emperor - Christopher Corey Smith
Cloud of Darkness - Laura Bailey
Golbez - Peter Beckman
Exdeath - Gerald C. Rivers
Kefka - Dave Wittenberg
Ultimecia - Tasia Velenza
Kuja - JD Cullum
Jecht - Gregg Berger

Shantotto - Candi Milo
Gabranth - Keith Furguson

Cosmos - Kathleen McInerney

Cid of the Lufaine - Rodger Parsons
6 years ago#2
Pics or it didn't happen.
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6 years ago#3
^I second that
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6 years ago#4
wow thank you ^_^ but wtf they changed golbez?????
6 years ago#5
^I Third that
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6 years ago#6
Ok i'm not gonna believe it just yet >.>
6 years ago#7
Wait is this real?

Cause if it is then that means my brother was right about Shantotto being voiced by Dexter from Dexter's Lab all those months ago when we first got a chance to hear her voice! XD
6 years ago#8

From: alink427 | Posted: 8/20/2009 7:21:10 PM | #002
Pics or it didn't happen.

Don't make me use UPPERCASE!
6 years ago#9
Goliath FTW!! Perfect Chaos for me!
I like to use exclamation points!! My favorite punctuation and it just shows emotion!!
6 years ago#10
Fine... gimme a few minutes. I have to go through the ending all over again...
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