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[Beta] Dissidia Combo Thread v5

#1raphaelblazePosted 8/27/2009 9:12:36 AM
WoL, Firion, OK, Cecil, and Bartz Combos were tested in the US Version; all of them still working. Also, Bartz gets some new combos due to some fixed frame seconds. I'll upload the videos soon...

DC = Dodge Cancel
FDC= Forward Dodge Cancel.
RDC= Return Dodge Cancel.
TDC= Turn Dodge Cancel.
EXC = EX Cancel.
TC= Time Cancel
JC= Jump Cancel
EXBC= EX Burst Cancel.
EX= Transform in EX Mode during the action.
EXCm= Ex Command (R+ [ ])
i= Incomplete.

Warrior of Light: Rising Buckler(i)-> TC-> Coat Buckler(i)-> TC-> Crossover-> Rune Saber.
Warrior of Light: Rising Buckler(i)-> TC-> Coat Buckler-> Bitter End.
Warrior of Light: Coat Buckler(i)-> TC-> Rising Buckler-> Bitter End.
Warrior of Light: White Fang-> FDC-> Coat Buckler(i)-> Crossover-> Rune Saber.
Warrior of Light: Blue Fang-> TC-> Sword Thrust.
Warrior of Light: Rising Buckler(i)->TC->Coat Buckler(i)-> Repeat

Firion: Reel Axe (i)-> DC-> Rope Knife-> Double Trouble
Firion: Reel Axe (i)-> FDC-> Sword Slash

OK: Multi-Hit-> Extra Slice-> TDC-> Wind Shear.
OK: Multi-Hit-> Extra Slice-> DC/FDC/TDC/RDC -> Turbo-Hit-> Extra Lunge/Guiding Swipe.
OK: Blizzard- >Blizzaga- >RDC-> Wind Shear.
OK: Blizzard- >Blizzaga-> DC/FDC/TDC/RDC-> Turbo-Hit-> Extra Lunge/Guiding Swipe.

Cecil: Paladin Arts (i) -> TC-> Paladin Arts-> Radiant Wings/Sacred Cross.
Cecil: Paladin Arts (i)-> TC-> Gravity Ball-> DC-> Nightfall.
Cecil: Dark Cannon-> Valiant Blow/Shadow Lance/Soul Eater/Dark Flame
Cecil: Gravity Ball-> Paladin Arts (i)-> Paladin Force
Cecil: Gravity Ball-> mg-> Dark Cannon
Cecil: Radiant Wings-> DC-> Paladin Force.
Cecil: Radiant Wings (EX)-> DC-> EXCm-> Nightfall.
Cecil: Saint's Fall/Paladin Force (EX)-> EXBC-> EXCm-> Nightfall.
Cecil: Paladin Arts(i)-> Paladin Force.
Cecil: (EX)Paladin Arts(i)-> EXCm-> Radiant Wings/Sacred Cross.
Cecil: Any BRV Attack that has Chase effect-> C(down)-> Saint's Fall.

Bartz: Reel Impulse(i)-> DC-> Climbarrel.
Bartz: Reel impulse(i)-> Reel Impulse(i)-> FDC-> Slide Hazard.
Bartz: Slide Hazard (i)-> Soul Eater.
Bartz: Reel Impulse(i)-> DC-> Soul Eater.
Bartz: Reel Impulse(i)-> FDC(EX)-> EXCm.
Bartz: (EX)Slide Hazzard(i)-> TC-> EXCm.
Bartz: Reel Impulse(i)-> TC-> Solid Ascension.
Bartz: Reel Impulse(I)-> FDC-> Paladin Force.
Bartz: Paladin Force(EX)-> TC-> EXCm.
#223phantomPosted 8/27/2009 9:15:25 AM
Cloud combo still works, and the extension that works only against Cloud still works
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#3raphaelblaze(Topic Creator)Posted 8/27/2009 9:19:50 AM
Ah, I forgot Firion and Bartz Infinities, and a Bartz Combo:
Firion: Reel Axe(i)-> DC-> Reel Axe(i)-> Repeat
Bartz: Reel Impulse(i)-> DC-> Reel Impulse-> Repeat
Bartz: Slide Hazard(i)-> DC-> Wind Shear

@23phantom: I know, but not all the cahracters are in the list. That's why this thread is a Beta, but if you tested it already, post it here with the same format above and the video if you can...
#4MogKnightAzurePosted 8/27/2009 9:23:34 AM
Can you explain/Is there an explanation on how to perform those cancels?
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#5raphaelblaze(Topic Creator)Posted 8/27/2009 9:27:10 AM
Like I said before, this is a Beta. But in the final version, I promise that I'll try to explain you.But the thing is: you don't know how to do them, or you don't know what they are? Because if you don't know what they are, check the videos...Now, how to do them, I'll explain that in the final version...
#6MogKnightAzurePosted 8/27/2009 9:46:44 AM
No I'm familiar with what a cancel is, I just don't know how you go about performing them in this game.

But I'll wait patiently for your final product, I still have much to do in story mode.
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#7technokromulusPosted 8/27/2009 10:13:19 AM
Some combos of Zidane still working...
others in a different way...

http : // www. youtube .com/watch?v=5cEKj7ioUzc
#8technokromulusPosted 8/27/2009 10:15:15 AM
Zidane's Vortex has improved..and now can be link more easy with other attacks
#9VCPPosted 8/27/2009 10:27:07 AM
All you did was copy My video that I made for the tier topic, and show off less combo's.

That shows all possible combos, however you have to dodge perfectly to get most of them to work, and it is different for Vs Each person. Example Vortex - Storm Impulse > Tempest > Free Energy Is easier todo vs Kuja than Garland, but an Inf Storm impulse is easier vs Garland than Kuja.
#10raphaelblaze(Topic Creator)Posted 8/27/2009 11:20:59 AM
Ok, but post the combos like the format above, please...