New augment path.

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Starloving_Fool posted...

The Ragnarok has a higher accuracy than the Defender and a greater base strength than the Poison Axe. The Rune Axe is a 0.4% drop (I believe) from the Armored Fiends, a very *tough* enemy and why bother going after that when you can do the same for the Onion Sword?

Either way, Edge's 100% accuracy flat out beats the other weapons in terms of hit percentage and even though the damage may be less per hit, it's still better overall than missing so frequently with the tough and evasive enemies you're going to fight down in the depths of the final dungeon.

His damage *does* outdo the others because whilst they are missing, he is constantly doing damage and in the end, that's how you kill enemies; not by "whiffing" and only sometimes doing more damage but by reducing their HP. I suggested attacking over throwing simply because of the monetary cost of the Fuma Shurikens - granted, if you're going after Red Tails, you can probably earn enough to buy a lot of them but until you get to that point, your Gil consumption will be high enough just with trying to keep Rydia and Rosa's MP high for casting.

He has a point. I frequently see Cecil with Defender and Kain with Poison Axe have 2-3 attacks completely miss, only to do 4000+ when they do actually connect. Those 2-3 attacks with a more accurate Holy weapon would do about 6,000 total I figure.

At least Zeromus doesn't have any elemental resistance.

Defender is still the best weapon for Cecil to tank with and is usually what I have on him by default. And Poison Axe is still better than Kain's other lances, which are even less accurate. So if you're sick of seeing attacks miss just suck it up and switch to a Holy weapon.

I love Edge's accuracy even if he's barely hitting 3,000 with his final weapons, they give a satisfying POP-POP when he criticals. Regular Shurikens are pretty cheap and still do slightly more damage than his regular attacks.

Doing more damage doesn't mean **** if you can't hit anything.
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Ok I am about to go into my third playthrough.

These are the Augments I've given the final 5:

???'s Love
Draw Attacks
Treasure Hunter
Safe Travel

Limit Break

Fast Talker
Piercing Magic

Fast Talker
Piercing Magic

Eye Gouge

These are the Augments I have in reserve:
Bardsong 2
Salve 1
Hide 1
Analyze 1
Upgrade 1
Adrenaline 1
Focus 1
Brace 1
Kick 1
Bless 1
Phoenix 2
Item Lore 1
Counter 1
MP 50% 1
HP 50% 2
Reach 1
Level Lust 1
Gil Farmer 2
Curse 1
Tsunami 2
Whirlwind 2
Inferno 2
Draw Attacks 1
Darkness 1

Who gets what? I want to give Cecil Limit Break as 99,999 Rosa's Loves and Ultima sounds too good to pass up.
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Hm... this is tough. Assuming stat-maxing, you might wanna check a guide for that, but I'll try and see about ones that aren't involved:

Adrenaline: Cecil (for ultimate-power Ultimas and faster 99,999 physicals); when you get another this playthrough, I recommend Rosa or Kain (basically boils to whether you want even STRONGER Ultima in conjunction with an Adrenalined Cecil, or more fast, strong physicals with Kain).

Bless: Kain or Cecil (whoever you feel can suck up a support role endgame; Rydia and Rosa will be casting, and Edge seems to have one already, and you'll get another this playthrough anyhow).

Salve: Edge (against the big bad Superboss, he really won't have much better to do than salve MP healing items, phoenix downs, or Elixirs, since his Throws can be countered and his physicals will be weak as hell; the one you get this playthrough can go on Rydia or whomever else besides Rosa plays support most often).

Hide: Edge (Hide/Salve/Phoenix/Bless probably will be his preferred Proto Babil setup; aside from that, whomever you prefer).

Focus: Cecil (should be obvious; the one you get this playthrough, just give to whoever you want).

Phoenix: Edge and Kain (they'll likely need it most, if not for stat maxing, then for actual use, like Edge and PB; the one you get this playthrough might see good use on Rydia)

Counter: Kain (since he does have Holy Lance Counter strat against PB; Rydia should get the third Counter you get this playthrough, for Stardust Rod Counters).

Item Lore: Kain (Item Lore + Holy Lance Counter + 99 Spirit + Limit Break = LUDICROUS DAMAGE)

Kick: Kain (last one you get this playthrough can go to whomever you want).

Curse/Tsunami/Whirlwind/Inferno: check your nearest stat-maxing guide; chances are, Kain will get Tsunami and Whirlwind, Rosa will get Inferno, Whirlwind, and Tsunami, Rydia will get Inferno, Curse, and Edge will get Curse, Tsunami, and Whirlwind, so plan according to your desired guide.

Draw Attacks: whoever you assign Counters to.

Darkness: anyone physical (Kain, Cecil, and Edge)

HP/MP+50%: anyone (once HP/MP are maxed, they have no use; I recommend Cecil gets an MP one, though, since he will have a free augment slot open during stat-maxing and this gives the highest MP increase of any augment, and MP is the hardest of the two stats to max after everyone is Lv99)

That's the way I see things...
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Can my equipment screw up my stats?

What I mean is say I have Adamant Armor equipped and the +15 it gives is enough to cap all my stats, but take it off and they drop below 99. Do I need to take it off in order to get the base stats to 99 or can I leave it on?
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crazy4rpg posted...
Can my equipment screw up my stats?

What I mean is say I have Adamant Armor equipped and the +15 it gives is enough to cap all my stats, but take it off and they drop below 99. Do I need to take it off in order to get the base stats to 99 or can I leave it on?

What you have equipped on your characters will have no influence whatsoever on stat gains from augments, so to answer your question in the most simplest way, no you don't need to worry about what's equipped on your characters.
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