Time to sell some stuff. Got questions too (Possible Spoilers)

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3 years ago#41
lol I got my first Red Tail from my second battle. Wait, it gets better. When I went to put Safe Travel back on I noticed that I didn't take it off. So as it turns out, I managed to get a Tail in two battles without Treasure Hunter. Hopefully this luck keeps up.

I didn't get Bardsong. I followed SBallen's suggested augment path in his guide.

I'll try using the Avenger.

I tried countering with both Arctic Winds and White Fangs. Arctic Winds do crap damage because of Cecil's low INT (although that is because of the Cursed Rings). White Fangs do about 2000 damage but are expensive. I think they are even more expensive than Stardusts.
3 years ago#42
Yeah, they are expensive, which is generally why I recommend countering with Hi Potion instead. Or X Potion, if you can afford them.

But congrats on the Red Tail drop. :P
3 years ago#43
Red Tail No. 2 has been collected. I took about 150 Sirens. Now all I need are two more Pinks, two Blues, and the Mindflayer Summon. I got 70 or so Red fangs, 30 or so Dragon Gloves, and a bunch of Wyvern Lances. I should have kept the Lances. I bet they would make great things to throw at Zeromus.

Blue Tails come from Thunder Dragons, right? They can't be too tough. I bet I can just auto battle with everyone attacking. I'll get those now. I have to leave to get my Onion Sword anyway.

lol everyone is 99 now.

Edit: Two more things. Would the Onion Sword be better for Kain or should I stick with the Wyvern Lance?

And would Kick be better than attack? (I gave it to Cecil). IIRC Thunder Dragons come in pairs. Correct me if I am wrong.
3 years ago#44
Wow. I already got a Blue Tail.

Don't bother answering my extra questions. I went to fight one and it took 9999 damage from Cecil. The battles are over super fast.
3 years ago#45
Got my second Blue Tail. Now all I need are two more Pinks and Mindflayer. It took over 300 battles but the battles didn't last long at all.
3 years ago#46
Yeah, Blue Tails are easy as heck.

You know the drill with Pink Tails...

Mindflayer, just have Cecil using Draw Attacks, and his Onion Shield will block Mind Blast from them. Then have him or Kain with Avenger, and the other an Onion Sword. Have everyone else auto-defend, and the OS-wielder with auto-Attack. The Berserked one will attack before the Auto goes through, and allow you to initialize the OS-wielder's auto-Attack before the Mindflayers get their turn, usually. It's slick. You'll blast through them in no time.
3 years ago#47
Ok. Got everything now. Time for NG+... Tomorrow.

How exactly do I use Mindflayer? Do I just "use it" on Rydia and she learns it and never forgets it?
3 years ago#48
Yep, exactly that. She will always know it, even in NG+.
3 years ago#49
i like to save all the tail-grinding for the 2nd play though.

I just beat the game on a 1st run, after getting all the augments, I just Safe Travel'd down to Zeromus for the finish, didn't even bother to open any chests on the way either.
My mind is racing, but my body's in the lead
3 years ago#50
Tail grinding is best done on the first playthrough (so long as you can get Treasure Hunter on the first playthrough) because of the rewarded Megalixir from completing a map in the Sealed Cave, which sells for 325,000 gil, more than enough to buy 99 Sirens or Stardusts on its own, which you don't keep when you go to NG+. Without that Megalixir to buff your gil before Tail farming, you'd have to grind to get that gil, which isn't a very fun prospect, unless you Tail grinded a little on a first run and transferred with an Adamant Armor to sell to help make second-playthrough farming easier, but then at that point, you might as well get the rest of them... :/
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