Time to sell some stuff. Got questions too (Possible Spoilers)

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3 years ago#71
The thing is, I don't quite remember when everyone leaves. And I would really hate to lose an Adamant Armor.

Is ????'s Love necessary for Rosa to max stats? That is the only problem if I follow your Kain Limit Break topic. Otherwise I think I can make it happen.
3 years ago#72
No, but she will need an Inferno otherwise.

As for AA and people leaving, I can remind you, if need be:

Times listed are when to remove Adamant Armor:

Kain 1: Before you enter Mist
Tellah 1: Before entering Damcyan Castle (after Octomammoth)
Rosa: Before starting the Fabul monster raid, basically before you enter Fabul
Edward/Rydia/Yang 1: Before taking the boat that Leviathan sinks
Palom/Porom: before fighting Cagnazzo (yes, you will need to fight Cagnazzo without the twins having them on)
Tellah 2: after beating the Magus Sisters/before finding Golbez and Tellah using Meteor
Cid: before going to the King Dwarf (forgot his name; before you initiate the fight with Calcabrina/Golbez and get Rydia back)
Yang 2: before entering the locked cannon room of the lower Tower of Babil
Kain 2: before reentering the first room of the Sealed Cave after collecting the Dark Crystal, when he betrays you again
Fusoya: before fighting CPU (you will not be able to have him wear it against CPU, since he is replaced permanently by Kain afterwards)

That's all I remember...
3 years ago#73
Time to play this now. I have been pretty busy with Black 2. I need to trade 60 Pokemon from Black and White. That means I need to catch 120 junk Pokemon in B2. Totally burned me out on even playing my 3DS.

I have to keep going on this. The worst is behind me. It would be stupid to stop now. This playthrough I plan on trying to beat all the bosses without using a guide. Antlion is coming up next.
3 years ago#74
Bump. Don't want this to die yet.
3 years ago#75
Can I get back to Kaipo now? I think I missed Item Lore.
3 years ago#76
I dunno, lol... if you can go to Troia, you can go to Kaipo.
3 years ago#77
Yeah I just got the airship earlier. I was right before the Cagnazzo fight. Turns out that I don't remember as much as I thought I did because right after I beat him I got the Airship.
3 years ago#78
Halp! I'm losing interest in this game!
3 years ago#79
gamerman57 posted...
Help! I'm losing interest in this game!

I don't know how well we can help out if we don't know where you are in the game. Whats causing you to lose interest? What is your current location and current party?
Kratos9797, Official leader of the Shieka Shadow Corp and member of the Knights of Safe Haven.
3 years ago#80
Grind some peeps up, max stats, HP and MP too. I had AR, so I grinded 4 more Onion Swords so everyone could have one on (two on Edge). :P
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