ITT: The Days Fortuna Smiled Upon Us *potential game spoilers*

#11dragoonwannabePosted 2/14/2013 2:56:28 PM
Throwing my hat into the mix...

My luck has been up and down with rare drops. I had a devil of a time getting cockatrice (the better part of a week, couple hours a day). Next on my list was Mindflayer, and I literally got it on the first drop!!

Bomb came next, and I procured that summon in less than a half-hour. My good luck streak slowly degenerated after that. I next went on a Tail hunt. The pink tails went smooth if slow, at about the rate you'd expect for a low drop rate. This trend continued for the rest of the tails until my final three: one black and two red.

I think I the black tail took the better part of two days. The reds were worse by a large margin. The first tail took me weeks! I don't remember how many weeks, because I got frustrated and stopped playing for a few months. When I came back to FFIV, it took another week before my first red tail drop. The next one came five days later. I am counting my blessings.
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