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????'s Love useless now? (Archived)Goblin Prince76/5 7:34AM
What are the missable enemies in the tower of Zot/Babil/Giant of Babil? (Archived)gamerman5716/3 3:47PM
Adamant armor and stop status (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
exodus2020175/27 12:06AM
Best place to level up? (Archived)messagetyper55/25 3:33PM
Anything missable for me? (Archived)gamerman5795/13 10:34AM
going insane (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Qhaos86145/3 6:03PM
Monsters only attack Rydia (Archived)marycel54/9 5:19PM
Dualcast Augment stat bonus (Archived)Sinivar54/7 8:06PM
Awesome game so far. Bring on FF 7 and 9 for DS! (Archived)zeb_gossage43/14 3:20PM
If I didn't get a rainbow pudding in my first game, where is Namingway 2nd NG+? (Archived)Finale_Wanderer43/5 7:22PM
Question about SBAllen's augment guide for Eye Gouge & Gil Farmer (Archived)Shoren32/27 7:25PM
What music do you think was upgraded the best from the SNES version? (Archived)Haste_252/25 5:31PM
Does Dr Lugae Initial Reversal Gas Still Work In The iOS iPad Version? (Archived)oldguy212/25 5:25PM
Gaining levels too fast (Archived)mikey733982/23 2:04AM
Can't complete mount hobs east slope map? (Archived)KaloBalo22/22 11:26PM
List of counterattacks or AI scripts for all enemies (monsters and bosses)? (Archived)Speyeker12/22 8:54PM
Do I need to start a new quest after getting Dark Matter to fight Proto? (Archived)Borg198232/19 9:14AM
Exchanging Tails? (Archived)osurpless62/18 2:54PM
Does Cid rejoin the party? (Archived)Finale_Wanderer32/18 1:18PM
Anyone Ever Get Rainbow Pudding from a Red Mousse ? (Archived)oldguy262/12 5:59AM
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