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8 years ago#1
i just started my first FF12 IZJS play through, now i have farmed 51 phx down and going to do dustia and i have assigned vaan as breaker. this is all pre palace. im just wondering where can i farm powerful weapons early on. i know in FF12 NTSC version u can farm deathbringer after raithwall, im not sure how everything is playing out in IZJS, is it the same or what? any guides?
8 years ago#2
Well, you can farm Heavy lance from Fidelant rare monster in Westersand, Gladius the same way but this time Gladius is powerful 56 ATK plus wind damage, Slasher axe from Werewolfs, Burning Bow from dive Talon.
You can get Deathbringer after Tomb of Raithwall.
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8 years ago#3
i thought deathbringer is replaced by francsia or something
8 years ago#4
Deathbringer can still be gotten from Ithuno. The Demonsbane inside Raithwall's Tomb was replaced by something, IIRC.
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8 years ago#5
right now i dont have any good weapons other than deathbringer, and most of the ultimate weapons aren't accessible until after great crystal, thats so lame....
8 years ago#6
the strongest weapon in the game is accessible at the first time you can ride an airship.

although.... i think it was something like 10% chance of appearance of the invisible treasure chest and a 10% chance of getting the weapon from the chest and that is only if you have the diamond gauntlet equipped. so basically it is a rare on top of a rare and you have to keep zoning to make the chest appear/reappear. the other items you get rfom the chest are a mere 1 gil 10 gil and knot of rust.. if i remember correctly anyways... it's extremely pathetic until you get the item.. but such low probabilities, it may force you to just continue the game by mere boredom of failures
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8 years ago#7
i tried getting it, spent several hours, got nothing but 10 gils and several knot of rusts, its a waste of time, so i decided to advance in the main game instead. now without zodiac spear, and many deathbringers, the game is not going as smooth as in original...
8 years ago#8
well, this game is a lot tougher because of the job system imo...
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8 years ago#9
I don't know, perhaps. The Trial Mode is definitely the hardest thing Final Fantasy has offered for a while, though.
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8 years ago#10
well, this game is a lot tougher because of the job system imo...

what are you talking about?
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