PAL Console cutscene skipping problems. All help appreciated!!!!!!!

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6 years ago#1
I have the JP International, US & UK versions of this game.
I have burned a dvd using the US & International as well as the PAL UK & International as explained to me.

These load fine on my modded slim ps2 but I have a problem (as I do with EVERY import ps2 game I have ever purchased) where the sound keeps skipping rather badly on cutscenes and such like. This is an absolute nightmare as I really want to play this version of FFXII but find the skipping problems SO annoying it is just painful to play.

Does anyone else in England play FFXII International on a modded ps2 without any problems (with a PAL TV obviously)?
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have no clue on how to get around this problem.. If it is even possible.

Any ideas would be brilliant, thanks.
6 years ago#2

Its because of your TV. The game is for NTSC TV's so you need a TV that supports NTSC to fix the choppy cutscenes.

6 years ago#3
Well thats about the most depressing thing I've heard as I just bought a new HDTV about two months ago, I would've thought new TV's would be compatable with NTSC.. This is bad news.
500 not very well spent... Great.
Does anybody in England even have a NTSC compatable TV? WTF?!! Not one of my mates seems to be then as I've tried my ps2 around near every one of my mates houses.
What a wank world I live in.
6 years ago#4
Welly-welly-well.. Waddaya know?!!
My TV IS NTSC compatible. So now I have another problem..
So now what could it be? My wank modded ps2 perhaps?
6 years ago#5

Are you using SCART when you plug your ps2 on you tv? If you dont use Scart then i dont know whats wrong. I had a Pal/Ntsc comptatible TV and i was wondering why the cutscenes were so choppy so i did some googling and plugged my ps2 on the tv without scart and the cutscenes werent choppy at all after that.

Also I have a fat ps2 and im using swapmagic to play imported games. Sorry if this doesnt help ya.

6 years ago#6
Did you burn the disc as slowly as you possibly could? Is there a setting on your TV that you have to change to change it from PAL to NTSC?

I run this game in Australia which is also a PAL country. My crappy TV, one of the old curved glass box things, runs the game fine whereas my previous TV that did not support NTSC ran the games in Black and White.
6 years ago#7
Thanks for the replies, this is so annoying so I appreciate the help..

I have tried plugging my PS2 into my TV via Scart & without scart, either option here comes up with the same result, full colour but lots of skipping.
I am using a slimline PS2 which I bought from eBay which was actually already modded, I think that it could be my PS2 that is the problem as there are lots of little problems I always find with it, for example; changing discs in the game never works, when playing Chrono Cross it must've took me an hour one night trying to get it to load disc 2 so there's definitely something not quite right with my system.. But could this really affect the playback on my TV? So annoying I'm hating this.

The PAL version of FFXII plays fine, no skipping etc. But both the US version and JP International version all skip, as already mentioned I have now found out that my TV IS NTSC compatible so that shouldn't be a problem. Allthough I can't see where you can manually change to and from NTSC on the TV.. I am assuming it is automatic.

As for burning the disc at the slowest speed, this would not resolve anything as I have the physical copies of both US & JP games and these have exactly the same problem.. I have this problem with ALL of my import PS2 games.

Long post, sorry.
6 years ago#8
Ah, sorry, I thought you were using the english patch, my mistake for not reading thoroughly. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong but the only downside to playing an NTSC game on a PAL only TV is black and white instead of colour output, so this leads me to believe that your TV is automatically setting itself to NTSC - No worries there.

Maybe the problem comes from your Modchip? Do you know what type you have installed?
6 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
6 years ago#10

Yeah and with SM you can choose between PAL and NTSC when you boot the game. I hope it works out for you :)

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