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8 years ago#11 Character Modifier yet, hum? i want Dorne again ;____;
8 years ago#12
OMIGOD if these codes work like they're supposed to, it's entirely possible to have another "infinite level gain" to trick the system into giving you unlimited stats.

We need to work on this.
8 years ago#13
None of the cheats are working on my game...dang.
8 years ago#14
How do you guys find the codes? like say, if i want to search for codes myself, how do i do it? can someone teach me pls? thank you.
8 years ago#15
So... No one find the Item code yet?
It funny that no one is flaming this post.
Anyway since it take people so long to find the item code I will post mine.
0x10CB010C 0x0000XXXX
It hack the weapon slot on the main char.
It can had any item in the game.
I still find it to be cheating. That is why I didn't post it on the first day this game come out.
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8 years ago#16
Sorry to double post but when I said "I find it to be cheating" I mean this game its too good to use code. I love star ocean, I didn't use the code myself, but I do like to hack to pass the time.
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8 years ago#17
Ok, that code doesn't work either...why aren't any of these working for me?
8 years ago#18
Posted 10/23/2008 6:33:50 AM
oops.. just saw the codes are DMA'd means they change everytime you load the savegame.. that kinda sucks.. uhhh...does that mean we can't cheat?
8 years ago#19
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#20
No it just means it is hard to find working codes. BTW the exp codes seem to have dynamic values, after each battle the exp I get is random.
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