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Private action expire? (maybe spoilers)Flynn_coneria19/30 9:08PM
Can i fight Gabriella in the final area? (Spoilers)Gin_Devil99/30 2:43AM
so i've heard from multiple sources that there's a way to get this digitally (Archived)Jak3_Kurt39/8 11:54AM
Does recruitment affect the movies unlocked? (Archived)Flynn_coneria68/27 7:43AM
Can someone please explain to me how the rings of lunacy and insanity work? (Archived)HappyBull38/16 5:46PM
..recruitment help #2... (Archived)versuslucis28/4 11:33AM
..just beat the game... (Archived)versuslucis27/27 6:48AM
Playing this game for the first time. Recruitment really matter? (Archived)WizardofHoth67/27 5:59AM
I think i messed up. Help plz. (spoiler) (Archived)Larollexie37/27 5:40AM
..recruitment,help... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
versuslucis137/18 1:13PM
First Departure a portable version of the old Playstation game? (Archived)WizardofHoth46/26 8:55AM
First Departure on PSN? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SleazyBreezy136/17 11:28PM
A note on the difficulty saves and Roddick's talents (Archived)Tzepish86/9 11:21AM
Just Started.....Questions (Spoilers?) (Archived)FinalFLuver74/8 6:14AM
In this version, does ring of wisdom protect you from petrification? (Archived)DavinCross8554/8 6:12AM
Santa's Boots Item List (Spoilers) (Archived)FinalFLuver24/8 6:07AM
Favourite Food (Archived)FinalFLuver14/2 5:19PM
PA Guide (Archived)FinalFLuver84/1 6:45PM
Party Question; (Archived)Cirnox64/1 10:37AM
List the coolest items you've gotten from Santa Shoes! (Archived)DavinCross8533/31 6:18PM
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